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Overview on Infertility and Fertility Problems

Here's a short list of fertility problems and how to resolve it.

How to Know If You Are Pregnant After IVF.docx - File Shared from Box

In vitro fertilization, usually referred to as IVF, is a common treatment for couples with infertility. The procedure is expensive and somewhat invasive as far as medical treatments go, and it's definitely not something to be undertaken without a lot

Fertility Problems-Topic Overview

You may have fertility problems if you haven't been able to get pregnant after trying for at least 1 year. It doesn't necessarily mean you will never get pregnant. Often, couples conceive without help in their second year of trying. Some don't succeed. But medical treatments do help many couples.

How to Reduce Male Infertility | eHow

Doctors define male infertility as a decrease in the quality or number of a man's sperm. In a majority of cases, male infertility remains incurable, depending on the cause, which can range from poor diet to hormonal imbalances. However, there are a few measures men can take to reduce infertility in the hopes of making a baby.

How to Prevent Infertility Problems from Affecting Your Marriage

Once it becomes a driving force in what one or both of you wants in a relationship, the challenge of infertility can turn into the elephant in the room. If you are at the stage of feeling that the challenge of infertility is an...

What Are the Most Common Fertility Problems?

The most common fertility problems in women are endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome ( PCOS). In men, the most common fertility problems are low sperm count and testicular injury. Hormonal problems in women often account for fertility problems as well. Many other factors may be responsible for fertility problems for couples, such as age, smoking, or even sexually transmitted diseases.

10 Questions to Ask If You Think You're Infertile

Updated October 06, 2014. Written or reviewed by a board-certified physician. See's Medical Review Board. For most couples, the first symptom of infertility is when after a year of unprotected sex, they can't get pregnant. It is possible to have regular cycles, a healthy sex life, not have any of the risk factors, be generally healthy, and still suffer from infertility.

HowStuffWorks "Fertility and Infertility"

Fertility articles address common fertility and infertility issues. Learn about the reasons and solutions for infertility in the Fertility Channel.

IVF Pregnancy and Clinics, Information on Embryo Transfer | ISIS Fertility - Canberra Australia

ISIS Fertility is Canberra's most caring provider of a broad variety of fertility services. We work with you to develop an appropriate treatment plan.