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Creative Ways to Style Extensions

There are many different ways to wear hair extensions, each has a different purpose and advantages.

Cheap Celebrity Hair Extension Process, Best Human Hair Extensions in Sydney - Pierre Haddad ™

Our method for the most advanced hair extension takes thin hair and makes it thick, takes short hair and makes it long, and takes flat hair and makes it full.

How to Create a High Ponytail Using Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions can be a hassle when you want do something fun with your hair. However, if you play your cards right, you can style your extensions into a cheerleader-esque ponytail that will look great and keep your hair out of your...

Types of Hair Extensions: 5 Ways to Jazz Up Your 'Do

For those ladies (and men) out there looking to add some length to your 'do, and who don't wanna wait around for it to grow out, never fear! The next best option for your own home-grown flowing follicles are hair extensions, and because many of them look so natural these days, no one has to know, except for you and your hair dresser.

A Model's Secrets: Style, Curl and Store your Hair Extensions with this new case!

Can't wait to share this new product with you for storing and styling your hair extensions. If you have ever tried to curl extensions by yourself before putting them on you know how difficult a task this is! Well, no longer.

I Tried It: Tape-In Hair Extensions

Photo: ELLE Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to be a gangster have a thick head of voluminous, cascading hair, like the celebrities I watched on TV and the models I saw in magazines. Sure, I realized that they probably had some professional intervention to help make their hair look that great.

Ways to Wear Hair Extensions |

There are many different ways to wear hair extensions, each has a different purpose and has advantages and disadvantages. Many people think weaves are limited but with all of the various methods to install and wear extensions, they are anything but!

Hair Extensions, My Vice and Advice: A guide to extension styles and methods.

Over the past 4 years I've tried a few different styles of hair extensions. They can be a bit of an addiction when you start wearing them, consider yourself warned! The following is my advice and opinions on what I liked and could do without when it comes to the different ways hair extensions can...

What Are the Different Types of Temporary Hair Coloring?

There are a few types of temporary hair coloring that vary in terms of the way that they are applied and the length of time that it takes to wash them completely out of the hair. The types of temporary hair coloring that last the shortest amount of time are applied by via spray, paste, or gel.