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Benefits of Mobility Aids for Disabled and Elderly

Mobility products such as wheel chairs, stair lifts, access ramps, mobility scooters etc, are some tools to facilitate the elderly as well as the disabled people of society.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy A Walker

A simple, standard walker can be life-changing for the person who just needs thatextra stability and additional mobility toremain independent.

Clinical and biochemical evaluation of canes and walkers confirm that these devices can improve balance and mobility.

Perspectives on Use of Mobility Aids in a Diverse Population of Seniors: Implications for Intervention

Many older adults who might benefit from using mobility aids do not or will not use them. Studies show that attitudes and beliefs strongly affect the decision to use mobility aids. Despite the growing diversity of the population, no prior studies have compared attitudes towards and beliefs about mobility aids by race and ethnicity.

How to Design Bathrooms for Mobility | eHow

Designing a bathroom for mobility requires considering what issues need to be addressed for the user. A wheelchair user needs space to get around, and an elderly person needs to be able to safely enter the tub. Temporary disabilities can be addressed with some simple equipment.

How to Determine the Correct Height of Walking Canes

Walking canes are generally sold at a standard length of 36"-37". Unless you have a height of about six feet or taller, you will need to have your cane cut to the proper length.

The cane length necessary for each individual is not an objective preference but a requirement for optimal support and comfort.

What Are Mobility Aids?

Mobility aids are devices that are used to facilitate the physical movement of a person from one place to another place in the event that they are unable to do so without assistance. Some of these apparatuses are designed for the immobile individual to use.

Mobility Scooters

One of the most popular mobility aids today is the mobility scooter. Each manufacturer of these scooters offers a variety of details that can help those with limited mobility achieve much of their independence back. Many scooter users have found that they do much more than they have in years thanks to their new-found increased mobility.

Mobility Aids For Daily Living

Do you or a loved one have trouble getting around? Then our Mobility Aids can help find the right mobility solution for you. Maintaining and promoting ones independence and access to mobility is integral to being able to enjoy quality of life and happiness in longevity as we get older.