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Updated by Ashley Lawson on Oct 07, 2014
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Class History Games, Apps and Virtual Field trips

This is a list of games, apps, websites and virtual field trips that I would use to teach history in an elementary age class room

Brick Busters History Game For Kids - By

Answer ancient history questions to fuel your machines to push the bricks off the wall and keep the wall from filling up.

Grade level: 3rd-5th grade

American Revolution Interactive Timeline for iPad

This is an interactive timeline that lets students piece together important events in the American Revolution.

Grade Level: 3rd-5th grade

James Madison's Montpelier

James Madison's Montpelier

This is a free app for an iPad. It is a wonderful way to do a virtual field trip .This resource gives a virtual and interactive tour of James Madison's Montpelier. If a class has a collection of iPads, students could explore James Madison's estate and mansion and view many items and artifacts from his home. gives a virtual and interactive tour of James Madison's Montpelier. As you explore Montpelier you learn about the life and importance of James Madison.

Grade Level: 4th-6th grade

Wilson & Ditch Digging America. Games. Postcard Adventure! | PBS KIDS GO!

This is a great game to show the location of historical landmarks all over the United States. In this game the player goes in a road trip across the U.S. and identifies historical and famous landmarks in major cities of the U.S.

Grade level: 3rd-6th grade

Smithsonian Education - IdeaLabs: Digging for Answers

This is a game that allows students to choose from various historical topics. Students are then quizzed on the topic. This is also a great game for teaching students how to research to find the right answer. If they choose the wrong answer, they are given the option to click on a link that gives them a source to find the correct answer.

Grade Level: 4th-6th grade

Virtual Tour: Panoramic Images: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

This is a virtual field trip of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. This is a phenomenal resource because students can literally move through the actual museum from their computer or iPad.

Online Tours | Louvre Museum | Paris

This is gives students an opportunity to explore a museum filled with historical artifacts and masterpieces. This is a virtual tour of different exhibits in Le Louve in France.

Grade level:2nd-6th grade

Full List | 360 Degree Aerial Panorama | 3D Virtual Tours Around the World | Photos of the Most Interesting Places on...

This source is not a typical educational virtual tour but I think it could be a valuable resource in making the places that are being taught about come to life for students. Students are taught history that involves places all over the world. This source provided panoramas of famous cities all over the world.

Colosseum 360

This website gives virtual panoramas of the seven wonders of the world and many other historical and modern places across the world.

Grade Level: K-12th grade
-I think this could interest literally every age and make them want to know more about the destinations they are viewing

Ellis Island Interactive Tour With Facts, Pictures, Video |

Go on a virtual tour of Ellis Island through this website. This tour gives written descriptions about historical events linked to Ellis Island. Along with these descriptions are pictures, audio and video sources to explore on each stop of the tour.

Grade Level: 4th-6th grade