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Things Must-Know Before Buying Vehicle Suspension

If the shocks are good, Several tests can help you determine the problem.

Volvo Truck Parts: Better Suspension Gives You a Softer Ride

The suspension is a very important part of a truck. It is the system of linkages between the hauls, the shock absorber and springs. This is what will absorb the vibration of the vehicle driving on the road and absorb the shocks that are received from driving on rough terrain. The suspension supports the braking system and enables it to react efficiently by instantly braking when required.

Auto Suspension Parts: Know Your Vehicle

Imagine that you are traveling in your car and you encounter a large speed breaker in the middle of the route that you have to cross. You feel uncomfortable because you are aware your vehicle has a poor suspension system. However, if you had effective suspension parts installed, there was no need to worry about bumps or other similar hurdles. Suspension parts can help you to cross hurdles on the road smoothly.

Level-Lift Suspension Buyers Guide

Building a Level Lift kit for Chevy 2500 and 3500 HD trucks has always been a challenge. The HD platform uses a proven IFS torsion bar front suspension design, but the factory suspension utilizes one of seven different torsion bar keys. Each of these keys is indexed differently, which results in a wide range of factory ride heights.

All About Medium-Duty Truck Rear Suspensions

When developing a suspension specification, it’s important to determine what attributes are most important to the application.

Cures for a Squeaky Suspension

Ideally, vehicle would only make two kinds of noise: the "vroom" of a revving engine, and maybe a pleasantly deep burble at idle. Beyond that, every single noise a vehicle makes is either an annoyance or a sign that something has gone wrong.

How Does a Truck Suspension Enhancement System Work?

Suspension enhancement system or kits are designed to supercharge the performance of the suspension in a heavily loaded vehicle. Suspension Enhancement Systems are designed to work in conjunction with a truck suspension that is in good condition, i.e., if you have a badly sagging truck suspension, a SES is installed to uplift the suspension and a stable, smooth, safe ride is guaranteed. It is engineered in such a way that the hollow rubber cushions absorb road shocks and automatically adjust to uneven loads or road conditions.

What Does a Car Suspension System Do?

The very important job of a suspension system is to smooth out the ride while maintaining excellent control. This may sound like a simple job, but with acceleration comes force, and force translates into raw energy. The system is made up of several parts that can vary depending on the type of suspension, but typically include the chassis or frame, coil springs, leaf springs, dampeners including struts and shock absorbers, and anti-sway or torsion bars. Various combinations of these might form a particular system.


- Suspension Stuff 2" Lift Ultra Flexy Coils Front and Rear
- Oztec Twin Tube 4" Raised Shock Absorbers Front and Rear
- Castor Correction Bushes
- Extended Brake Hose Front and Rear
- Front Sway Bar Extension Brackets
- Brake Bias Bracket