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Online Pain Locator Tool

We created our Pain Locator as an easy to use online tool to help you find relief from your body pain or lower back pain. Our mission is to educate you about the possible causes of your body pain and to help you better explain your pain symptoms to your doctor.

Wrist Pain - Associated Conditions

Wrist pain is one of the most common problems that individuals experience. Whether in the left or right hand, wrist or on top of the wrist, there are multiple reasons that could trigger wrist pain. Persistent wrist pain should be diagnosed and treated, as it may be due to serious conditions such as fractures or dislocation of the wrist bones.

Ankylosing Spondylitis: Causes And Symptoms

Ankylosing spondylitis is a kind of arthritis that occurs in the spine. About 0.1% - 0.5% adults are affected by this condition and it is characterized by neck or back stiffness and pain. Ankylosing spondylitis can affect any gender and at just about any age. However, it’s mostly seen in men in their teenage or twenties. In women though, it’s generally mild.

Non-Surgical And Surgical Treatment Of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage in a joint becomes worn or thin. Cartilage is the shiny smooth connective tissue present on the joints on the ends of bones, protecting and aiding in smooth gliding movement of the joints. The deterioration of cartilage causes increased friction within the joint and results in arthritic pain and stiffness.

Pinched Nerve Sciatica: Prognosis and Treatment

The sciatic nerve is the nerve branching from the lower back right through the hips and buttocks towards the lower part of the leg. When this nerve is pinched due to a bone spur or a herniated disk, it results in numbness, inflammation and pain extending down the affected leg and is consequently called sciatica. The medical term is ‘lumbar radiculopathy’.

Bursitis: Overview And Suggested Treatment

Bursitis is a condition that relates to the swelling or inflammation of a bursa which is a small fluid containing sack-like structure that cushions the joints of the body as well as bones and tendons and muscles. Those that are affected by bursitis usually experience pain and tenderness at the point of inflammation.

Osteoarthritis of The Feet: An Overview

Arthritis is a general term used for more than hundred group diseases involving the joints; it typically refers to degeneration or inflammation of the cartilage, bones and other structures which make up the joint itself, and has many possible causes.

Foot And Wrist Pain Locator

Pain, whether in foot or hand, can be troubling for people in the everyday course of their lives. A pain locator can help you locate and understand your pain.

Arthritis Foot Pain – Ways To Get Relief

If you’re over 50 then you may hear yourself saying ‘Ouch, these aching feet of mine’! Don’t panic, it may be osteoarthritis of the feet, a common condition witnessed with aging. Research shows than more than half of the people beyond the age of 50 suffer from this problem. In fact, the damage begins sooner than that, sometimes in your early forties.

Factors Causing Left Hand Pain

Many of us have experienced pain in the arms as some point or the other. A recurring pain in the left arm may be due to muscle fatigue or muscle cramping. However, left arm pain may be caused by multiple reasons, sometimes serious ones. Read on to know the different physical issues that could trigger pain in the left arm.

Bursitis: All That You Need To Know

Are you experiencing severe shoulder pain? Is the area swollen and reddish? You could be suffering from bursitis of the shoulder. It’s usually experienced by people who belong to certain kinds of profession, or excessively use their joints. Bursitis can affect individuals quite early in life too. Experts say that the symptoms should not be overlooked since they could be prompting to a severe infection of the bursa.

Common Wrist And Palm Injuries

Wrist pain may be sudden due to injury or may develop gradually over time. Wrist pain is common in athletes requiring using their hands (such as volleyball players and gymnasts), although it can develop in others as well. Multiple kinds of injuries can trigger pain in the wrist and palm. Pain in the wrist and palm may also arise out of related or referred causes such as injury to the shoulder, elbow etc.

Coping With Pain Using Your Mind

Almost all of us have experienced chronic pain at some point in our lives; the results of a fall off a bicycle, or muscle injured when lifting a heavy object. Sometimes, menstrual cramps seem never-ending. Have you been experiencing chronic pain lately? Research has revealed that chronic pain can be controlled using your mind.

Body Pain Solved By Pain Locator

If you want to determine the location of body pain then it is time to use PainSpot’s special online pain locator. You can use the pain locator to pin-point the exact area of discomfort.

ITB Syndrome: Causes & Treatment

The Iliotibial band (ITB) is a thin, long band of tendon and muscle that runs just under the skin on the outer side of the thigh. During running, when the knee is bent and the foot strikes the ground, abnormal friction may be produced near the lateral part of the knee and can result in pain and inflammation of the surrounding areas on the outside of the knee. This is referred to as the ITB syndrome.

Prepatellar Bursitis: Treatment and Management

The tip of the knee in front of the kneecap is where the pre-patellar bursa is located. When the knee is injured through a direct blow from the front or due to prolonged kneeling on a hard surface. Bursae are fluid filled sacs that function as cushions to reduce the friction between the tissues in the underlying area. Due to the excessive use or blow on the knee, these may become inflamed leading to bursitis. When bursitis happens on the kneecap, it’s called pre-patellar bursitis.

Is Patellar Bursitis Curable?

Knee pain is a common ailment. There are many reasons for knee pain. Some knee pain however, is particular to people performing certain kinds of jobs. For instance, the patellar bursitis, a knee cap ailment, may be job or sports related.

Knee Pain: Causes And Simple Treatment

There are a number of reasons that can cause knee pain. The knee is a complex joint, and pain in the knee can hinder day-to-day activities depending upon the cause and intensity of the pain.

Lumbar Pain: An Overview

Lumbar strain is among the most common causes of the lower back. This can occur due to improper use, overuse or trauma. It is referred as "acute lumber strain" when it has been there for a few days to a few weeks. But, if this strain lasts for longer than two or three months, then it is called "chronic lumber strain."

Common Sprains And Bone Injuries In Wrists And Hands

Injury or inflammation of the bones or ligaments in the wrist may be due to sprains, fractures resulting from injuries or overuse. All such conditions require early diagnosis and treatment because to prevent chronic pain and occasionally disability.

Conventional And Natural Treatments of Bursitis

Have you been experiencing a dull ache around the shoulder, elbows, buttocks, hip, knees or ankle that gets worse with pressure or movement? You could be suffering from bursitis. Bursa (plural is bursae) are fluid filled small sacs that cushion the bones in the joints so as to reduce friction between them.

How to Relieve and Prevent Back Pain Using These Five Methods

Those who suffer from back pain understand the plight of others going through the same. Back pain may be excruciating at times and often interferes with living a normal lifestyle. Back pain can be caused by a number of reasons. Certainly arthritis in the spinal discs in the low back or spinal arthritis may cause pain.

Acute Lumbar Pain: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

The lower back is also known as the lumbar spine. It is made of five bones that look like blocks and are known as vertebrae. These are attached to a triangle shaped bone called the sacrum at the lowest level.

Causes And Treatments Of Neck Muscle Pain And Pain In The Top Of The Wrist

In the busy schedule and stressed life, people often tend to ignore pain in the top of the wrist or pain in the neck muscles. Leaving such pain could lead to further complications and chronic pain.

Advantages Of Doing An Online Symptom Diagnosis Quiz

Online diagnosis can be a convenient and effective method of knowing which medical conditions you may have. And once you know the risks, you can easily ask your health provider about your condition.

Take Care When Choosing Your Desk Chair

The importance of choosing a desk chair that is right for your body type, desk size and height, posture and work habits. Dangers of poorly chosen office chairs include wrist and back pain, skin irritation, and long term posture side effects.