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21 Resources to Improve Your English Pronunciation

Students often struggle with English pronunciation. No more! Use these 20 resources to help you overcome this big problem today!

10 Steps to Improving Your English Language and Pronunciation Skills | Part 2

This post is the second in a series on How to Improve Your Eng...

10 tips for perfect pronunciation

Find out how to improve your English pronunciation and stretch your vocal chords with these terrific tips!

American English Pronunciation: Top 10 Tips

Top 10 tips to help non-native speakers in mastering American English pronunciation. If there is one aspect of American English that baffles many non-native speakers, it would be American English pronunciation. If you have studied the American accent for some length of time, then you are probably aware of the many reasons why pronunciation can be such a difficult skill to master if you only learned English as a second language.
For example, your native tongue might have patterns of intonation, rhythm, and timing which are vastly different from that used in American English. Another problem would be that some sounds in American English might not have any accurate equivalents in your native tongue.

American English Pronunciation Practice (For ESL/EFL)

Game-like Minimal Pair Practice using Flash and MP3 Files

Sound like a Native Speaker

This is an example of what I call a Ben Franklin exercise: how you can go through a video or audio file of a native speaker and study pronunciation to improve your own.

Reduction & Linking

When a sound in a word changes or is dropped in the context of a sentence, that is reduction.  For example, the word 'and' commonly reduces to 'nn'.  Reduction is an important part of the character of American English:  reduced syllables are flat in pitch (relating to intonation) and very quick (relating to rhythm).

Free Online Pronunciation Guides with Instant Sound: English + 9 Languages

Pronunciation guides + online dictionary for English and 9 other languages with instant mouseover sound, completely free online: pronunciation guides are provided for English (7 varieties) French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Indonesian and Thai. Over 40 native speakers, with a unique ESL 'Spoken Grammar'. Further English language pronunciation practice is provided using minimal pairs.

American Accent Training - YouTube

Watch this video to learn about dropped syllables while speaking American English.

English Pronunciation - 4 Common Mistakes Learn the difference in pronunciation between WALK and WORK, as well as a few other sounds that cause problems for English learners.

7 Commonly Mispronounced English Words (ESL) - American Pronunciation This American English pronunciation lesson (ESL/EFL) will help you learn how to pronounce words clearly and correctly. T...

How to Improve Your English Pronunciation

Learn to distinguish between easily-confused English words.

American English Pronunciation Course Lesson 1 SEAT, SIT, SET

Watch the video to learn how to accurately say close-sounding words in Englsih. Don't be confused any longer!

Pronunciation - 3 Mistakes part 1 ('s') This lesson is the first in a three-part series designed to give students more natural-sounding English pronunciation, by correcting t...

Pronunciation - 3 Mistakes part 2 ('t' & 'd') This lesson is the second of a three-part series designed to give students more natural sounding English pronunciation, by correcting ...

Pronunciation - 3 Mistakes part 3 ('th') This lesson is the final part of a three-part series designed to give students more natural-sounding English pronunciation, by correct...

Learning English pronunciation is fun

This entertaining video emphasizes the importance of good English pronunciation in a humorous way!

German Traffic Control (joke)

This commercial is a hilarious take on the importance of accurate English enunciation!

BBC Learning English | Pronunciation Tips

A radio programme about English pronunciation talks about key techniques to perfect clearer English when speaking with friends, colleagues, and clients.

Connected speech 2

Connected speech is an automatic voice technique native speakers use while speaking English. Learn the patterns of connected speech to not only understand native speakers better, but to improve your own English pronunciation!

4 Key Steps to Improving Your American English Pronunciation and Accent

This post is the second in a series on How to Improve Your English Pronunciation. Check out other posts by Elemental English which focus on speaking English better!

Ecourse: 3 Secrets to Boost Your English Pronunciation

English pronunciation, English, pronunciation, ecourse

Punctuation Checker

Punctuation Checker is another resource that will help you improve your Ebglish pronunciation. Use free online punctuation checker to ensure that your writing is free of writing errors. Improve your writing skills with Punctuation Checker.

English Craze Online Basic English Grammar Tutorials Site

How to improve English grammar online? English Craze is online basic English Grammar site where the process of learning English is easy to learn grammar