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Updated by Fusion 360 on Oct 03, 2014
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Misconceptions about Personal Injury Law

There are many misconceptions about personal injury lawyers in Utah and the lawsuits they pursue on behalf of their clients. Recognizing and avoiding these misconceptions is key for all individuals, especially those who have sustained a personal injury.

Lawyers Just Want Your Money

Many believe that lawyers will contact an injured person so they can handle their claim. However, Utah has very strict rules about when lawyers can contact people with a personal injury. Furthermore, many companies simply rely on advertising and reputation to get cases and do not contact potential clients themselves.

You’ll still be injured when the Case is settled

In many cases, individuals have reached maximum medical improvement before their case is settled. Maximum medical improvement means that injured Utah residents require no further surgeries or medical care to improve their situation. This can help individuals settle a claim that covers all of the costs of medical treatment.

Filing a Claim is Selfish

Some accident victims believe that personal injury cases only deal with money. However, many people often miss work, recreation and personal activities when they are harmed. Claims are about much more than monitory gain.




May individuals are hesitant to hire one of their state’s personal injury lawyers because they are worried that their claim will take a long time to settle. Although some court cases are longer than others, hiring a lawyer doesn’t mean individuals will experience a drawn out court case.

Lawyers are unnecessary for Minor Injuries

Individuals who sustain a minor injury in Utah are entitled to lawyers, too. No matter the size of an injury, individuals can receive more money in a claim if they hire a lawyer. Furthermore, lawyers can protect individuals navigate their case and better understand the rules of personal injury law.




Many believe that hiring a personal injury lawyer is expensive. However, many lawyers often don’t charge their clients until after a case settles. Furthermore, consultations with Utah lawyers are generally free.

When Treatment is received

Many believe that their case must settle before they receive medical treatment, but this is not the case. Individuals should receive a medical evaluation immediately after acquiring an injury. This way, individuals can receive a settlement that covers any past medical expenses relating to the accident.

Waiting for Money

Individuals with a personal injury who refuse a settlement will not necessarily receive a better settlement. Although many believe that drawing out a case can increase their claim’s potential, it might actually harm their future settlement.




Mackenzie Martin writes for Adams Davis PC. She is a writer at Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google +.

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