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Updated by Fusion 360 on Oct 03, 2014
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Link Between SEO and Content

A good piece of content can help improve SEO by a landslide. What exactly is it that makes a written piece good? Many factors play into the perfect SEO strategy. To find out what goes into creating optimal, search engine grabbing content, read on.


To create a readable piece the writer needs to be aware of the audience. In Utah a tradition of creative dance proposition is huge. An article about ideas would need to cater to the reading ability of this age group.


Often, articles miss the relevance of the times. An optimal SEO strategy is not going to pick up on something written about statistics 30 years old. People are searching for relevant information to themselves and the era.


A well-written article is not going to get to the audience if the keywords and title aren’t popping up. Writing the proper tag words and including a catchy and relevant title is important.


When writing about a specific topic like Utah, SEO or technology, it is important to include things that will interest the person looking at the articles. This content will have the SEO picking it up and dragging the searcher to the client.




Creating a visually appealing piece includes tagging pictures. Not only are people more likely to click on a link with picture but also they are more likely to pop up. In a search for Utah, content with picture tagging Utah will come to the top easier than those without one.


Writing content that is alluring to people will make it pop up on a search engine. The best-written works have some mix of interest, information and controversy. People like to argue but they also need the information to get to the right client.




More people will look at an article with statistics and other facts because it is not just opinion based content. A combination of keywords and facts will have the search engine savoring the content and bestowing with it higher rankings.


News topics and people that are popular in one place may not hold the same importance in other spots. Making sure to cater the piece’s SEO for what is popular both nationwide and state specific will help to create content of higher quality.




Ciera Putnam is a writer for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google +.

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