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Causes of Infertility and How to Treat Them

Here is a list of articles on how you can learn about infertility and treating them.

How to Know If You Are Pregnant After IVF.docx - File Shared from Box

In vitro fertilization, usually referred to as IVF, is a common treatment for couples with infertility. The procedure is expensive and somewhat invasive as far as medical treatments go, and it's definitely not something to be undertaken without a lot

What Are Some Treatments for Infertility? | eHow

Not being able to conceive a baby can be one of the most difficult and stressful things a couple may ever have to face. However, science continues to make great advances in treating infertility. Learning as much as possible about these treatments and exploring all options can help bring a sense of hope and empowerment to people struggling with...

How to Get Fertility Treatments

Many couples take great care to prevent pregnancy before they are ready to add children to their family, so it may come as a shock when they later have trouble conceiving. The majority of couples will get pregnant within one year of...

How Do I Choose the Best Infertility Treatment?

Choosing the right infertility treatment depends on a number of factors, including the cause of patient's infertility. For example, the best treatment for someone who is infertile because of insufficient hormone levels may differ from the right course for someone who has reproductive abnormalities.

7 Things to Know Before You See a Fertility Doctor

Once your fertility doctor has met with you and looked at your medical history, you will start to think about fertility testing. The basics of testing involve both the man and the woman. Though there are more fertility tests for women. This can cause both of you to wonder who is at fault for the infertility.

Infertility/Reproduction: Overview & Facts

Are you or someone you love trying to get pregnant or have infertility? Learn how the reproductive system works and get answers to infertility questions. Infertility doesn't mean you can never have a child. How much do you know about fertility, infertility, and conception? Take this WebMD quiz and find out.

HowStuffWorks "Fertility and Infertility"

Fertility articles address common fertility and infertility issues. Learn about the reasons and solutions for infertility in the Fertility Channel.

Why aren't we getting pregnant?

You are not alone - one in six, or 15 per cent of Australian couples encounter infertility. Men and women who plan and look forward to having children, usually have great expectations. Naturally, they are at first concerned, then understandably shocked and dismayed when there is no pregnancy and baby.