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Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland

Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland is a locally operated company providing locksmith solutions in Portland, Oregon. We offer many types of locksmith services around the area such as residential, commercial, and automotive. The company is licensed, bonded, and insured providing fast and reliable service to the residents of Portland. With many years of experience under our belt, all of our technicians are now fully trained and certified to handle any locking job you will need to get done!
Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland - (503) 438-4227

Premier NorthWest Locksmith Service in Portland is a company operated locally around the Portland metro area and its surroundings. We service many areas around Portland metro from Hillsboro to Gresham, and from Wilsonville to Vancouver WA. Call us! 503-438-4227 We put our experience and expertise to work where it matters most with services such as automotive, commercial, and residential.

Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland - (503) 438-4227

Here at Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland we take it very seriously when it comes to the security of our commercial customers businesses. As a locksmith company with many years of experience under our belt, we only carry the leading brands in the business such as Mul-T-Lock, Schlage, Arrow, Best, and many more. If you are looking to make an upgrade for your business' security lock system, we may have a solution for you! Our most popular high security lock at the moment are Mortise lock by Baldwin, and Schlage Schlage CO-100 Series Manually Programmable Keyless Lock. For more info, give us a call! (503) 438-4227

Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland - (503) 438-4227

We know how frustrating it can be when you about to start your vehicle and suddenly you notice the key broke in the ignition. Unlike other locksmith companies in the area, here at Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland we provide a wide range of automotive locksmith services in Portland. Our professional technicians are fully equipped with all the right tools to get the job done without leaving any damage to your vehicle. They would be able to extract the broken key from the ignition, and even make you a new key on the spot if you desire! For more info about our services, give us a call! (503) 438-4227

Wafer Lock Tip | Anthony's Blog

As a professional locksmith technician it seem to me that any other skilled locksmith who is familiar with impressioning will have it easy when dealing with a wafer lock since these types of locks are the most easier ones to fit a first key to by doing impressioning.

Residential Lockout Service in Portland - (503) 438-4227

It can be very frustrating sometimes when just realize you forgot your keys inside your home and locked the door behind you. That is why here at Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland we provide our locksmith services 7 days a week all hours of the day and most at night, so you can rest assure we will be able to assist you in that time of need. Our professional technicians are fully trained to handle emergency situations such as that. Not only they will get you inside your home fast, they will do so without damaging your lock! To learn more, give us a call (503) 438-4227

Lexus Trunk Lockout Tip

I had a customer recently called for a locksmith service claiming she accidentally locked the keys inside of her Lexus vehicle's trunk. Usually in a trunk lockout situation, i always ask the customer if the vehicle has a trunk release lever inside it.

Nissan Maxima Lockout Tip

As a "rookie" locksmith I always been thought to use under-the-window tool when it came to unlocking various mid 90's Nissan models. I remember getting a call for a lockout job on a 95 Nissan Maxima. Before taking the job, when I looked at my locksmith books, I saw it was recommended using the under-the-window-tool.

Commercial Key-Less Entry Lock System

Are you tired of calling a locksmith to re-key the locks in your business every time you let an employee go because you suspect he may still have an access to your business? Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland have a solution for you! We now offer a large selection of key-less entry lock systems. These type of smart lock systems has a memory that can contain multiple users suited especially for small or large business applications. You can simply add or remove users from the system as desired without having to call a professional each time. In addition, these types of locks work on a keypad principle where a special combination is required in order to gain access. Give us a call to learn more! (503) 438-4227

BMW Lockout Tip

I got a job the other day from a locksmith technician I am working with to unlock a 97 BMW M3. Thinking to myself it was strange for me that he sent the job instead of doing it himself, he informed me that there is a problem with the job.

Tubular Lock Tip

I got a call recently from a customer that needed the gas tank door on his Harley Davidson opened. Apparently, he got stuck without any gas in his tank and had to drag his bike for a the nearest gas station.

Merry Christmas!!!

On behalf of our team, Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland wishes every one a Merry Christmas!!!

Volvo Glove Box Lock Tip

During my years as a locksmith technician I encountered many vehicle models that seem to have repeating issues. Few of the vehicles I remember had this type of recurring problems are some of the late 80's Volvo models. The glove box lock on these Volvo models seem to always cause issues and ultimately fail...

Everest Key Tip

Sometimes being a professional locksmith technician require thinking "outside the box". Many times I arrived to a job and had to improvised because "the right tools" for the job were not effective for doing the job, or there is some sort of an issue with what you have to do the work on...

Key Origination Services in Portland

Did you happen to loose the keys to your vehicle and you don't have an extra one so you can use your car? Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland can help! In addition to are other automotive services, we offer key origination service as well! Why go to the dealer and pay hundreds of dollars when we can do it for half of the price?? Most of the time, dealer would need you to tow the vehicle to their lot so they can make you a new key and sometimes you will have to wait for days. However, our mobile technicians will travel to you to make you a new key on the spot! Including smart and transponder keys too! Give us a call to learn more! (503) 438-4227

Supra Lock Box Lockout Tip

One of the old methods being used by Realtor on residential homes for sale in order to allow access to the place being sold by various agents are the use of Supra Lock Boxes...

Ford Ranger Spare Tire Key

As a locksmith technician I found myself many times trying to improvise in order to find a decent solution for a job. One job I remember in particular was making a key for a Ford Ranger spare tire lock. Some Ford models apparently came with a special key to unlock the spare tire in case of an emergency...

Residential Key-Less Entry Lock System.

Are you tired of calling a locksmith each time you loose or misplace your key and has no other way to get inside your home?? Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland has the solution for you! We now offer a large selection of key-less entry lock system for residential applications. With this type of system installed, you won't have to deal with keeping track of your house keys ever again! All that is needed to gain access is with a unique pass-code created by you. In addition, these types of key-less entry locks are designed to lock themselves automatically few seconds after the door closes. Give us a call for more info (503) 438-4227

Panicbar Installation Tip
As a professional locksmith technician every now and then, I would run into jobs where I would have to improvised in order to get it done. Normally, I would always keep in my service vehicle some old locks and other misc stuff I removed from previous jobs as I know I could probably find use for them in the future for other jobs...
Ford Probe Lockout
Key origination for older model vehicles such as in the 80's and 90's is usually straight forward. As an experience locksmith technician I had a chance to make a key for most older make and models in the market...
Mortise Lock
Are you looking to make an upgrade to the security lock system at your office? Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland has the solution you've been looking for! We carry a large selection of Mortise type locks for office application. These types of locks were built to withhold any break-in attempts from intruding which may involve picking or damage to the cylinder. These types of locks have a complex mechanism that is pick proof and will minimize the chance of someone to intrude your office. Give us a call to learn more! (503) 438-4227
Why Do a Re-Key
As a professional locksmith technician I cannot stress enough to customer the importance of having a re-key done when moving into a new place. The fact is, even though the previous owner claim to have given you all the copies of the house keys, you will never know if there might be a relative or other individual that may have an extra key...
Mercury Sable Key Make
Originating a key for a vehicle can be a "walk in the park" or a true "living" hell for a professional locksmith technician. With many types of vehicles in the market, each manufacture designed and planned its own way in order to make a key for a vehicle...
Automotive Lockout Service
Here at Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland we know it can be very frustrating when you just realized you accidentally left the keys inside the vehicle and locked the door behind you. That is why our technicians are available 7 days a week day and night to take your call and assist you with your emergency. Our professional technicians will be able to get to you in no time and get you back inside your vehicle in a matter of minutes without leaving any damage to the lock or door of your vehicle. Give us a call! (503) 438-4227
Infinity Trunk Lockout
Automotive lockout services are the most common services a locksmith technician will do throughout his or her time in the business. Keeping track of all different tools and ways to unlock different make and models is no easy. I found that most vehicles, are not that hard to open if you have the right tools and experience to do the job...
Ford Key Origination
Depending on a year, make and model, the are many ways to originate an automotive key for a locksmith technician. Some of the methods require experience, but some of them are fairly easy. With today's technology, it is much easier for the average locksmith technician to make a key then it was 10 or 20 years ago...