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A list of resources and ideas to serve the agricultural sector

SmartFarm | SmartFarm Systems | Bin, tank, and silo level monitoring and management packaged with the most advanced f...

SmartFarm Systems specializes in level monitoring systems technologies along with farm site alarm monitoring. SmartFarm Systems level monitoring and management systems are used to monitor both bulk solid and liquid inventories in feed bins on farm sites, ingredients bins and tanks at mill locations, and can even be used in other industrial environments.

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Composting is the process of converting kitchen and yard waste into valuable fertilizer, is the core activity of every gardener.

Compost is the single most important supplement you can give your garden, and most gardeners complain that they never have enough!

Composters are made in three basic styles – bins, tumblers, and continuous-use.

Compost bins are open on the bottom and set directly on the ground.

Compost tumblers are sealed composters which speed the process of composting.

Continuous-use composters have two chambers for separating finished compost from fresh materials, so there is no waiting for batches to finish.


We are of the leading agri horticulture companies in india with more than 75 years services, growing and exporting all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants, ornamental plants, palm trees, like phoenix sylverties,wasing tonia, tissue culture of dates palms, banana tissue cultures plants seedling, all kinds of seeds, herbal plant extracts, medicinal plants, mangoes, plants seeds, crude palm oil to many countries.

A.B.MFG.INC Waterloo - Manufacturing Waterloo Ontario

Ab mfg inc is your custom provider of manufactured products including Flooring Slats, Wagon Hubs, Latches, Wire Forming, Water Troughs in Kitchener-Waterloo

Millking Mills-Food Processor and Agriculture Machines

Danish Type Horizontal Flour Mill, Wheat Flour Mill, Corn Grinding Mill, Grain Flour Mill, Rice Huller Polisher, Danish Type Grinding Mill, Millking.

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