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Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading (2014)

It's time for the annual list of top Christian blogs we should all be reading. Which are your favorites? Which ones have changed your mind or heart? NOTE: Please don't add your own blog, watch for duplicate entires and vote for your favorites, in addition to adding new ones.

Rachel Held Evans

I always knew I wanted to be a writer...

Jayson D. Bradley - Progress, not perfection

We really shouldn't be talking about community if we're not advocates for reckless transparency-and we shouldn't be imagining that's what we are if people need to be on eggshells around us. The community that the church is...

Nadia Bolz-Weber

"Nadia Bolz-Weber has probably done more than any other pastor in recent times to poke therapeutic fun at the misdemeanors and flaws of overly-churched Christianity and Christians. The passion behind her words, however, is as deeply pastoral as it is God-drenched and liberating....thus the affection as well as the respect that attend her and her work wherever she goes."

Formerly Fundie

Bejamin L. Corey's blog observations about Christianity.

Lutheran Confessions

Keeping church weird and centered in Christ through open confessionalism.

Christianity is Changing

Michael Hardin is the co-founder and Executive Director of Preaching Peace, a non-profit based in Lancaster, PA whose motto is “Educating the Church in Jesus’ Vision of Peace.” An internationally known speaker, he is one of the earliest members of the Colloquium on Violence and Religion and is a co-founder of Theology and Peace, also based in the United States

John Pavlovitz

I am a 17-year ministry veteran, specializing in rabble-rousing, engineering mayhem, and generally trying to live-out the red letters of Jesus.

Sarah Bessey

Hi there, luv. I’m Sarah, and this is where I write my life out – every bit of it.

Peter Enns

At Patheos Evangelical, Peter Enns blogs on rethinking biblical christianity.

Junia Project Home - The Junia Project

The Junia Project is a Christian community that advocates for gender equality in the home, church, and society (sometimes called biblical egalitarianism).

Brian McLaren

At Patheos Progressive Christian, Brian McLaren explores Christian identity in a multi-faith world.

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary

I'm Jamie Wright.
I'm the Very Worst Missionary.... This is what I'm about.


"Exploring faith and film, good and evil." Filmaker Kevin Miller explores cultural and political issues from a progressive Christian perspective.

Christena Cleveland

social psychology + faith + reconciliation

Political Jesus

A theo-blog/biblioblog about theology, biblical studies, ministry, science fiction, and politics

Kimberly Knight

At Patheos Progressive Christian, Kimberly Knight blogs on being gay and Christian, featuring her own voice, and guest voices from other gay, as well as allied voices.




Throughout the world, people are re-thinking what they thought they knew about the Christian faith. It is an age, it seems, in which many believers and skeptics alike are dissatisfied with the status quo. Questions increasingly outnumber answers, and faith feels harder and harder to hold. ReKnew is a place for those in the midst of these questions.

At the Table with April Fiet -

I hope you will find something here that will inspire you, encourage you, lift you up, or give you ideas that will transform you! Please jump in and join the conversation, because there is always room for you to pull up a chair at the table.

Why I Still Talk to Jesus - In Spite of Everything - Frank Schaeffer

At Patheos Progressive Christian, Frank Schaeffer talks about play-acting (or "blessed hypocrisy") as the only road to virtue, because at first nothing comes "naturally" but the biting and scratching.

Jason Wiedel

Jason serves the needs of the people in Surry and Sussex Counties. He also works to help people understand God in new ways. Jason works for Habitat for Humanity

Christian Piatt

At Patheos Progressive Christian, Christian Piatt writes on faith, family, fatherhood and post-modern life from a progressive Christian perspective.

Emerging Voices

At Patheos Progressive Christian, The Emerging Voices blog picks up where the Emergent Village Voice left off. We are 31 rotating voices who speak into this movement space in order to continue conversations around Emergence and emerging Christianity.

first day walking

Writing in this life is a big part of my lurching forward on this road. Here, on this blog, and in various other places, I stumble to make sense of the world. These three books are my attempts at writing to live it out, and to encourage others.

The American Jesus | Zack Hunt

Today, my acoustic guitar sits languishing in my closet while my beloved Stratocaster has been stolen for years (from church of all places). But there was a time when not a day passed by in which I didn't spend hours playing the guitar convinced that given enough time and practice I...

Brown-Eyed Amazon

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, AnaYelsi Sanchez came to the U.S as a child and has spent most of her life as an East coast girl- a life that provided firsthand insight into issues of economic inequality, immigration, sexism, and racism