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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 24.09 - 1.10.2014

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10: The Return of the Start Menu

Microsoft announced Windows 10 on Tuesday at an event in San Francisco, marking the next major upgrade to Windows and the return of the Start menu. Windows 10, which skips a number in its sequential order (many believed it would be called Windows 9), is the first major update since Windows 8, which was considered a failure by many and virtually ignored by businesses.

Predator Arena with Zinedine Zidane -- adidas Football

A l'occasion du lancement de la nouvelle gamme Predator Instinct, adidas a organisé, le 15 septembre dernier, un tournoi de football à 5 dans l'enceinte exceptionnelle des arènes d'Arles, et en présence de Zinédine Zidane.

GoPro and the NHL Have Signed a Deal That Will Give Hockey Fans a Player's POV

Ever wonder what's it like to be Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks streaking in on a breakaway? Or New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist blocking a 100 mph shot? The NHL has struck a content-sharing deal with GoPro cameras to offer TV viewers exactly that kind of player point of view this season.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom Joins Walmart's Board of Directors

Smile, Walmart. Kevin Systrom, the cofounder and CEO of photo-sharing app Instagram, has joined Walmart's board of directors, effective immediately. In a statement, Walmart's chairman touted Systrom's "digital expertise" as "invaluable" for the retail chain's ecommerce efforts. "Walmart is investing in e-commerce capabilities through talent, technology and fulfillment," said Rob Walton, Walmart's chairman.

Google Shuts Down its Orkut Social Network

We knew it was coming. Google is shutting down Orkut today, its first attempt at a social networking service. The decision was announced in June and users have had a few months to export their profile data, community posts and photos using Google Takeout.

Google Unveils New Display Ad Formats for Mobile Devices

Google is developing a new portfolio of display ad formats and tools for advertisers to use across its Google Display Network, AdMob network and DoubleClick services. The company says they're designed specifically for mobile and will be released over the coming months. Engagement ads leverage advertisers' existing brand assets and repackage them into rich, media-centric HTML5 ads.

Volvo Really Takes the Plunge in Powerful Ad That Leaves the Car on Shore

In its first global campaign for Volvo, Grey London strives for a "quietly epic" tone to position the Swedish nameplate more firmly in the premium auto space. Director Marcus Söderlund, working through Academy Films, delivers the goods with a visually compelling minute-long film called The Swell.

Brand Awareness for Heineken's New Beer Quickly Reached 23% With Mobile Push

Mobile advertising has long been regarded as a tactic for retailers and brands to drive conversions and lead generation, but that stereotype is changing to favor brand-building, according to Heineken's senior media director Ron Amram.

This Instagram Campaign Offers SnapChat-Like Discounts

Instagram is growing fast, and not only because more and more users open an account, but surely because brands have now understood the huge potential the app offers. [Tweet "Did you need one more clue that #Instagram offers huge potential for businesses? Here it is!"] After testing the feature in the USA for a few...

Coca-Cola is adding Wi-Fi to its vending machines

How about some free Internet browsing with your ice cold beverage? Coca-Cola and British Telecom are teaming up to test out Wi-Fi-enabled vending machines in South Africa, hoping to bring invaluable online access to some of the poorest communities in the world.

Cinch: Outsource Your Decisions to Your Friends - SocialTimes

Which shoes go with this dress? Which stock photo works better with this headline? Which selfie should go on my Tinder profile? The answer to these questions and more awaits you with Cinch, a new app that lets you design quick polls with images and send them out for your friends to vote on.

Kominek kończy działalność i zamyka blogi

Home " Ludzie " Kominek kończy działalność i zamyka blogi 26/09/2014 31 grudnia 2014 r. najpopularniejszy polski bloger znika z internetu. Przestaną funkcjonować jego popularne blogi: i Wszystko, co ma jakikolwiek związek z Kominkiem zostanie zlikwidowane, łącznie z kontami pocztowymi.

Fan przyłapany przez gwiazdę - zdjęcie Marii Szarapowej podbija Twittera

Home " Ludzie " Fan przyłapany przez gwiazdę - zdjęcie Marii Szarapowej podbija Twittera 26/09/2014 Pewien mężczyzna czytając artykuł, poświęcony wydarzeniom tenisowego turnieju Wuhan Open, zilustrowany zdjęciem Marii Szarapowej nie był świadomy, że owa tenisistka siedzi właśnie za nim. Ani tego, że stanie się on bohaterem tweeta sportsmenki.

Google Doodle Celebrates Its 16th Birthday

Happy sweet 16, Google Doodle! The quirky art featured on the search giant's homepage celebrated its 16th birthday on Saturday with, appropriately, an animated Google Doodle. In it, the G in Google's logo measures the growth of the O and L. Google's unique art has celebrated a variety of people, events and causes over the years.

Beer App Is the Yo Clone You've Been Waiting For

Forget Yo. A new messaging app lets you cut to the chase, or chaser, as the case may be. Beer?!, a new app for Android and iPhone, bills itself as "a straightforward messaging app to invite friends for a beer."

Post-it Brand Digitizes Collaboration With Innovative New Post-it® Plus App - Design Milk

The following post is brought to you by 3M. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design. I'm a chronic list-maker and a Post-it® Note junky. Just ask my monitor, who wears a necklace of colorful Post-it Notes with reminders, to-do items, phone numbers and encouraging notes that my husband occasionally leaves me.

Twitter CEO Finally Gets a Verified Account on the Social Network

Congratulations Dick Costolo, you're finally Twitter legit. The CEO of Twitter now has a blue check mark next to his Twitter account name, indicating that his profile is verified. The change, which comes almost exactly five years after Costolo joined the company, appears to have happened very recently, judging by the list of accounts followed by the @Verified account.

#Bendgate, czyli dobra okazja do żartów - AntyWeb

Bendgate. Tak nazwano „aferę" dotyczącą wyginających się smartfonów Apple. W Internecie poświęcono jej sporo uwagi, rozpętała się kolejna wojenka między fanami i antyfanami korporacji z Cupertino. Co ciekawe, zareagowało nawet Apple. Drwin nie szczędzi oczywiście konkurencja, ale firmy z innych sektorów gospodarki też postanowiły skorzystać. Niektórzy naprawdę mnie rozbawili, czekam na więcej.

Will the iPhone 6 Plus Survive the Blender Test? [VIDEO]

We know it bends, but will it blend? Just days after reports surfaced that the iPhone 6 Plus aluminum is susceptible to bending, the folks at Blendtec are performing their classic blender test on the new product. They pit the Apple phablet against Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 (a fair match, we'd say) to see which would incur less overall damage.

KitKat Has the Best Response So Far to Apple's #Bendgate Scandal

The Internet is getting bent out of shape today over news that Apple's iPhone 6 can get bent out of shape when it's in your pocket. A few brands have latched on to so-called #bendgate with some halfhearted tweets. But so far, it appears KitKat is leading the way with the least objectionable brand tie-in.

Infographic: Adoption of Facebook Messenger growing worldwide - Inside Facebook

Despite widespread panic over privacy concerns, a new infographic from GlobalWebIndex shows that the adoption of Facebook Messenger continues to grow in many countries. This may be somewhat unsurprising, given that Facebook has unbundled messaging from the main app and pushed that feature into its Messenger app.

Mysterious reveals itself as an app for starting video conversations

The story of Selfie is long, arduous, and more than a little absurd. It culminates today in the release of Selfie, an iPhone app for posting video clips of up to 24 seconds of yourself talking about whatever you like, and replying publicly or privately to the clips of others.

Everyone Is Angry About the New Stars of 'True Detective' Season 2

Alright, alright, al - Vince Vaughn, what are you doing here? After months of #TrueDetectiveSeasonTwo speculation, Vaughn and Colin Farrell will be starring in the sophomore season of True Detective , HBO confirmed on Tuesday. The two will follow in the footsteps of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

BeLinked Is a Tinder for LinkedIn - SocialTimes

According to the 2013 Pew Social Networking report, LinkedIn is the second largest social network. The key demographic on LinkedIn, according to the report are college graduates and high-income households. And with one-third of relationships starting online, it was only a matter of before someone started using LinkedIn to find dates.

Philips to split into two separate companies

Philips, the Dutch electronics conglomerate best known for its light bulbs, announced earlier today that it plans to split into two companies - one focused on consumer and medical technology, and one focused exclusively on lighting. Both companies would continue to operate under the Philips brand, but the plan is to eventually split the lighting division off into its own company.