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Annoying Web Design Trends That You Should Avoid (Or Do In Moderation)

People love to follow trends. And there is nothing bad about that. In fact, in order to be "cool" following trends is a must. This is very important for web designers in order to keep up with the growing competition. But when it comes to following trends, web designers sometimes ...

5 Tips to Simplify Your Web Design

Simplicity rules! It makes a websites look sleek, reduce nagivation confusion and it helps achieving desired goals and results (I.e., more signups, subscribers and sales). But too often it seems elusive to simplify your website design. No matter how hard you try, you can't make your work look like Apple's.

60 brilliant WordPress tutorials

WordPress is the world's most popular publishing platforms, and it's currently estimated to power 17.6 per cent of all websites. It's highly customisable, very easy to use and, probably the best part, it's completely free, making it an obvious choice for anythong from a simple blog to an online design portfolio.

9 Landing Page Design Techniques That Will Make You a Conversion Hero

What happened? You've crafted the perfect landing page copy. It's downright brilliant. It's persuasive and succinct. It cuts to the heart of your offer, focuses on the visitor and is set to blow your control page out of the water. You hit launch. Away it goes.

Web Fundamentals - Google Developers

Web Fundamentals is a comprehensive resource for multi-device web development.

Terry Morris: Web Design Best Practices Checklist

Web Design Best Practices Checklist provides criteria for page layout, browser compatibility, navigaiton, color and graphics, multimedia, content presentation, functionality, and accessibility.

15 Interesting Infographics Web Designers Will Enjoy

The bold visual design of Infographics makes it easy to digest facts and figures about a given subject. There's some great infographics based on interesting topics related to web design, from articles explaining the benefits of responsive design to interesting statistics about the industry. Today I showcase 15 interesting Infographics that every web designer will enjoy.

20 WordPress Plugins for a More Powerful Blog

Learn the 10 WordPress plugins that power the Buffer blog, plus 10 more WordPress plugins we'd love to try.

5 Tips to Simplify Your Web Design

Simplicity rules! It makes a websites look sleek, reduce nagivation confusion and it helps achieving desired goals and results (I.e., more signups, subscribers and sales). But too often it seems elusive to simplify your website design. No matter how hard you try, you can't make your work look like Apple's.

How To Clean Up & Optimize Your WordPress Install

WordPress is a pretty robust application that is kept up to date with regular bug fixes and security patches, but it really benefits from a bit of maintenance to keep it running fast and efficiently. Over time WordPress saves snippets of information to its database, which can become bloated with unnecessary values, thus slowing down your site and putting more stress on your server setup.

2014 - The Year of Interaction Design Tools

A brief survey on the state of interaction + prototyping We're six months in to 2014, and designers have the widest selection of interaction and prototyping tools to date. The community is blossoming, and bridging the gap from mockup to working prototype is now easier than ever.Inspired by the upcoming Pixate, I've compiled a brief breakdown of the state of interaction design tools in 2014.

PINEGROW Web Editor | Website Builder for Professionals

Pinegrow is a standalone desktop app for Windows and Mac. Buy it once, install it on your computers and use it on as many projects as you want. Welcome to the launch party! To celebrate the release of the app we are including free lifetime updates with the purchase (normal time period for free updates is 1 year).

Understanding Web UI Visual Hierarchy

More than being creative, a good artist must also consider subtleties like composition, colors, size, what to include, and - perhaps more importantly -...

A/B Testing With WordPress: The What, Why, And How

As most of you already know, a lot of time goes into planning and building a website. There is something rather exciting about taking that idea and then launching it into a viable site, but should your work stop there? Many, when venturing into the online world, do so with the intent of making money or...

15 Great Landing Page Design Examples You Need to See
Putting together an A+ landing page can be tricky. There are so many elements that a top-notch landing page needs, and making those elements the "best" they can be often depends on what your landing page goals are. Take form length, for example.
SEO: The Free Beginner's Guide from Moz

New to SEO? Need to polish up your knowledge? The Beginner's Guide to SEO has been read over a million times and provides comprehensive information you need to get on the road to professional quality Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

SEO Starter Guide updated

Webmaster Level: Beginner Update on October 3, 2010: We have fixed the issue causing the highlighted text to be obscured on Linux PDF readers. About two years ago we published our first SEO Starter Guide, which we have since translated into 40 languages.

WPBeginner - Beginner's Guide for WordPress

WPBeginner is the largest WordPress resource site for WordPress Beginners with easy to understand WordPress tutorials for mastering the basics and beyond.

Website at

In the quest of becoming a good UI designer, you can come a long way by reading books, attending conferences, formally educating yourself, trying out tutorials, or just experimenting on your own. However, if you want to go into hyper-speed i...

The web is terrible for typography!

A: I'll point you to some good stuff. But listen, the best tips and resources about web typography will challenge you to adjust your definition of typography. You must be willing to accept that challenge, or you're wasting your time.

19 Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

When people are deciding why they should use WordPress, we often get asked about "can WordPress do [blank]? The answer is mostly Yes. In this article, we will show you 19 different types of websites you can create with WordPress without learning any programming skills.

Introduction - Material design - Google design guidelines

We challenged ourselves to create a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. This is material design. This spec is a living document that will be updated as we continue to develop the tenets and specifics of material design.