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The Life of Winston Churchill - From Boy to Man

Winston S. Churchill was born November 30th 1874 at Blenheim Palace near Woodstock, England. His mother and father were invited to a fancy dress ball that night and Lady Churchill, though due with the birth of her child within the next few weeks, was ...

Personal Revolutions from China's 5th Generation Filmmakers

Cinema has the ability to inspire a nation's people into pride or resentment. The latter is found in three Chinese films once banned from release in their own country: To Live, The Blue Kite, and Farewell My Concubine.

Educationcing: Kierkegaard's Philosophy of Faith

For centuries philosopher and theologians have debated the existence of God and the legitimacy of religion, trying to justify faith through logic. Soren Kierkegaard believed in the Christian concept of God and wrote extensively on Christianity....

Educationcing: The New Methods of Criminal Identification: Intrusive or Helpful?

In modern society we are faced with the difficulty of ensuring that we are not locking up innocent people. We as a society want to fight crime at any means necessary but at what cost are we willing to pay for this so called justice?

Educationcing: Nella Larsen's "Passing"

But what about the children? no one asks in Nella Larsen's Passing. The question, or the thought of the question, gives rise to modes of anxiety to both mothers: For Irene Redfield, trapped in a voiceless passivity imposed by her sons, ......

Educationcing: Motivation Assessment: Create an Assignment that Will Inspire Students

Steven is 15-years old and he is a sophomore at a local high school. The class I am familiar with that he is in consists of about thirty students, give or take, and it meets every day for 16 weeks during the first semester of the school year...

Educationcing: Are Your Food Cravings Controlled, or Are You Addicted?

Are you having a love affair with your refrigerator? If so, are you a "foodie," simply a selective connoisseur, or are you a junkie, who can't get enough fast food and high carbohydrate, high sodium treats?

Educationcing: Reduce Your Monthly Internet, Cell Phone and Cable Bills and Save Money

Many Americans have recently increased their communications spending. Everyone has cell phones and the internet at home now. It's almost impossible to live without these things. But, most consumers do not know that .........

Educationcing: Techniques for Improving Social Skills

Say you're sitting at the bar in your favorite club. You and your best friend have decided to go out and see if you can meet someone interesting. You get into a conversation with the bartenders, .......

Educationcing: A Humanistic Approach to Youth Violence

Most people are familiar with the school shootings at Columbine High school in Colorado in April 1999, and the incident in Atlanta one month later. What they may not know is that violence is the second leading cause of death among adolescents (p. 9). ......