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Updated by Geneviève Germaine Dubois on Sep 27, 2014
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Healthy and Delicious Foods

Healthy Food Product Reviews and Recipes! Healthy Eating doesn't have to be BORING!

Regular Soda Better Watch Itself!

Alright, be honest... who chugged about a liter (that's 400-500 calories people) , if not more, of regular yesterday. You just couldn't resist those , cola or fizzy beverages trickling down your throat. Unfortunately... soda has been linked to: ... Really the list could continue but you get the picture.

Tara Reid Eats Too Many Creamsicles

Tara Reid and Creamsicles have a lot of similar not so sexy attributes... They're both orange (most of the time)... And... They're both full of artificial chemicals and ingredients. Sorry Tara, I just couldn't resist. If the saying, "you are what you eat" is true...

Fit and Funny Foodies Battle It Out Smoothie Style

Hopefully you didn't also binge on Guy Fieri's "" while parked on your couch... ... The Next Food Network Star ... I could ditch Ryan Gosling for these shows................? There is one show in particular that I have always been quite fond of... Mostly because of the hysterical and intense facial expressions within the first five minutes.

Sizzlefish Seafood Compared To Famous Actors and Actresses

Or in other words, I would be one EXTREMELY WEIRD LOOKING yet CRAZY TASTY FISH. Oh wait, I guess the saying IS true, because well... I just described myself (yes, I am tasty... Mind -> Gutter)! ANY WHO... Speaking of crazy tasty (and no, I am not about to talk about myself some more), emphasis on the tasty ...

What The Fudge?

Maltodextrin... Asparatame... Okay, SERIOUSLY... What the FUDGE! I am so over these pseudo low-fat "healthy treats" that trick people into buying them because of their flashy "I'm so healthy" labels/claims... I am over them as much as I am over hearing about Kim Kardashian posting ass provocative selfies on Instagram.

Have Some Balls on Your Birthday!

Do you notice the color of the word balls... You would think men flock to me because of my adoration... However they actually flee because as you can see, I BITE. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! OKAY: ENOUGH WITH THE INAPPROPRIATE-NESS GIGI, common!

The Ryan Jolie Smoothie

AHHHH! This decision is harder than deciphering: It certainly doesn't have to be though, and that's where Vega Sport's #FUELYOURBETTER campaign comes into play! This movement is all about selecting the healthiest and TASTIEST foods to fuel the best you... So while Ryan Gosling looks oh so moist and creamy....

Miss Matcha Has Met Her Match

Sometimes a little help is necessary! ' Matcha Green Tea Powder has been struggling for years to find "her" true food soul mate, a companion that compliments her perfectly. If you blend and together ( smoothie style) you'll get me, the Matcha Match Maker.

Serving Up Flex Tacos and Key Lime Pie Man-garitas

While other establishments typically close up shop for the holidays, The Dude Food Kitchen ... Is OPEN FOR BUSINESS and throwing festive food in your mouth! However... With a holiday like Cinco De Mayo ... Whitney and I cannot guarantee we will be 100% sober...

Exclusive Invite to the Party of the Summer

Despite not necessarily living in the same city, state or even country, we all tend to share one very good friend. This friend is loyal, supportive, trustworthy and best of all, knows how to bring up our spirits when we feel as if a garbage truck filled with dirty diapers took a dump on our moods.