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Helpful Ways to Clean a Filthy Driveway

How to pressure wash a driveway so that it stays cleaner for a longer period of time.

High Pressure Cleaning

High pressure cleaning is one of the the most effective and environmentally friendly ways to clean your home or commercial environment. Not only is Kleenit high pressure cleaning an excellent way of removing dirt and stubborn stains, but it also removes bacteria and fungus that may lurk in your patio paving, driveway or commercial premises.

How to Clean a Driveway

Edit Article How to pressure wash a driveway so that it stays cleaner for a longer period of time. The key is to use bleach before and after cleaning. Get prepared by clearing the driveway completely. Now your driveway will be clean and bright, and it will stay clean for much longer than if you don't use bleach.

How to Clean Driveways

You don't really need a set of instructions to remove trash from your driveway, only the will and the energy to do it regularly. It also doesn't take much to sweep down a paved driveway every few days. What might be tough, though, is getting rid of stains.

Power Washing: Cleaning a Concrete Driveway

Most homeowners don't own a quality pressure washer. Pro models are readily available for one-day rentals at home improvement stores. Make sure it's a 3,000 PSI model, and try to get a hot water unit. Like all cleaning jobs, hot water is superior to cold water.

How to Pressure Wash Your Driveway

Erase years of wear and tear from your driveway in just a few simple steps with a pressure washer. Success! broom stiff brush pressure washer pressure-washer detergent bottle of spray degreaser safety manual safety gloves plastic sheeting painter's tape 50-ft.

How to Clean Driveway Brick Pavers | eHow

Brick pavers are often used on driveways and for other landscaping elements as an attractive alternative to plain concrete. You should clean driveway brick pavers regularly because they see a lot of wear and tear from vehicles driving over them and from fluid leaks, leaving them looking worn and grimy.

7 DIY Ways to Remove Oil Stains from Your Asphalt Driveway

Got an oil stain on your driveway? Wipe up the excess oil with an absorbent cloth and act quickly with the common household items below to make sure your oil stain doesn't become a permanent eye sore and a headache to clean afterwards.

What Is a Pressure Washer?.docx - File Shared from Box

A pressure washer is a machine that can clean many different types of surfaces using water pressure. Pressure washers have been around for several years but have only recently become so affordable that many households purchase them instead of renting.