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Updated by Fusion 360 on Sep 26, 2014
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8 of the World’s Most Innovative Charging Systems

With the advent of new wireless charging technologies, homes, cars and offices cluttered with messy cords is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With all these emerging technological advances, it can be difficult to sift the wheat from the chaff. The list below provides eight of the most innovative designs that stand above the rest.

Air Dock: Wireless Charging

The Air Dock distinguishes itself from other wireless cell phone charging systems. Magnets inside the foam face firmly hold the cell phone in place. The dock also has a suction mount, enabling it to be placed anywhere there is a flat surface, making it an excellent traveling companion.

Henge Docks: Vertical Laptop Charger

Henge Docks vertical wireless charger holds laptops just as it name describes: vertically. This unique design provides excellent space utility, ideal for desks where space is limited.

PowerA: Dualshock 4 Charging Station for PS4

Laptops, smart phones and tablets aren’t the only technologies growing in the wireless charging industry. Video game companies like Sony have developed a wireless charger for their consoles' controllers.

ZENS Bluetooth Speaker and Qi Wireless Charger

What could be better than charging your mobile devices wirelessly? Having your charger double as a set of wireless speakers, of course. ZENS recently released qi charger also functions as a Bluetooth compatible speaker.

ASUS: PW100 Wireless Charging Stand

The PW100 wireless tablet charger is ASUS’s newest tablet charger. Its compact pyramid shape cradles tablets and offers sleek design.

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-601

Sometimes less is more. Nokia’s wireless charging plate offers a stylishly straightforward design. Its compact shape makes this Nokia charger an excellent travel companion.

ZENS Qi Wireless Car Charger

ZENS has taken an interesting angle for the wireless car charger. This new model fits into most vehicles’ cup holders. Simply place the smartphone inside the mouth of the charger and off you go.

PDP Energizer Flat Panel 2X Charging System

Energizer’s wireless Wii controller charger affords gamers a sleek alternative to bulky chargers. Its slender design also allows for easy transportation. A must have for gamers on the go.




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