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Here is a list of energy resources for an 8th grade Physical Science class.

Energy Relationships Hoop Shoot Out Basketball Game (ID: 100)

Once you are comfortable with the energy and the different forms, play the energy review game to see how well you really know energy. Good luck!

The 6 Forms of Energy

Different forms of energy are introduced and explained through examples. Examples include everyday encounters with energy and conversions. SCREAM is an analogy used to help students remember each form of energy.

Energy CMS Science 3.0 - TeacherTube

Energy is taught through a video presentation. What is energy? What are the different forms of energy? How is energy converted? What are the similarities between work and energy transformations? The video gives a review of work and compares work to energy. Is work always being done when there is an energy conservation?

EnWin Kids Zone:

Energy can change from one form to another. When does energy change from potential to kinetic and vice verse? The forms of energy described at this website are mechanical, heat, chemical, electrical, and gravitational energy.

Background information for Energy

Energy? What is energy? How is energy used? What are the different forms of energy? All these questions can be answered here.

What Is Mechanical Energy?

Mechanical energy is explained using examples. Mechanical energy is the sum of potential and kinetic energy. Another definition for mechanical energy is energy in motion.

Forms of Energy

Energy is taught through many examples and descriptions. Many different forms of energy are described throughout the website. Chemical energy is explained well through this website. Chemical energy is potential energy that can be used in many ways.

Energy In-Depth--Potential and Kinetic Energy " Explore More: The Future of Energy

Conservation of Energy. Energy is not created nor destroyed, but used in different forms. The Law of Conservation of Energy is demonstrated, explained, and taught through everyday examples. This site allows you to discover the many different forms of energy and how everything possess energy.

The Energy Story - Introduction

The reason things happen around us is due to energy. How does energy make everything happen? This websites allows you to discuss what energy is, how energy is converted, and the many different types of energy. While learning about energy you will be provided with many opportunities to compare the examples of energy transformations to your own life.

Forms of Energy

This website describes and explains different forms of energy and how everything possess energy. Energy has a number of different forms, all of which measure the ability of an object or system to do work on another object or system. The forms of energy described on this site are kinetic, potential, thermal, chemical, electrical, electromagnetic, electrochemical, sound and nuclear energy.

Energy transformations and conservation

Energy Transformations and Conservation presentation. The different forms of energy are presented. Examples of each form of energy being transformed into a different form of energy while explaining the Law of Conservation of Energy.