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Updated by Alice Lasseter on Sep 25, 2014
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Preschool Measurement Resources

Pre-K Math: Sizes & Measurement - PreKinders

This website gives teachers ideas on different activities they can use in the classroom. The activities are age appropriate for Pre-K students and tons of fun!

Measuring Activities by Jean Warren

These are great activities to incorporate into a Pre-K classroom. Is it Big/Little? Is it Long/Short, play the activities to find out.

Making Playdough: Mix, Measure, Describe

The 'Making Playdough' is a video that discusses how a teacher gives a lesson on measurement while the students are making their class play dough. The video is age appropriate for Pre-K students, very engaging, and easy to follow. Teachers can add this to their lesson plan to get students excited about measuring.

Measurement Games | PBS KIDS

Dinosaurs and Measuring, What's not to love?! Pre-K students can enjoy a fun, engaging game as they use their measuring skills.

The Cat in the Hat. Welcome to Beaver City | PBS KIDS

Dr. Seuss makes building measurement skills fun! Pre-K students can play Dr. Seuss' Beaver City game effectively as they develop their skills.

Curious George . How Tall | PBS KIDS

The game 'How Tall' is a game with Curious George. He engages students to see that there is math everywhere we turn. We can constantly be measuring, so let's get started.

Measuring Is Fun! | Preschool | Classroom Resources | PBS Learning Media

The students can play this measurement game all day long. This games helps students match objects' height/lengths to different things around us. Measurement is all around us, so let's start measuring!

IXL math practice - Long and short (Pre-K)

Practice, practice, practice! Using this resource can help students practice their measuring skills as they answer different math questions. There is audio available to read the questions to the students.

Pre-K Math Lesson: Measuring with Tag Bags

In this video a teacher is helping a student practice her measurement skills. She works with the student one on one. This video is a helpful resource for teachers trying to see how they can approach the topic of measurement.

Puppy Clifford . Measuring Up Game | PBS KIDS

As students practice their skills of measuring, they can play this 'Clifford' enriching game. The game is visually appealing, meets student's interests, and fun for Pre-K students.