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Bully Prevention in Schools

Web Resources for Students

President Obama & the First Lady: Conference on Bullying Prevention

The President and First Lady Michelle Obama discuss how we can all work together to end bullying as an accepted practice and create a safer environment for our kids to grow up in. March 10, 2011.

Tina Burns' Insight:
After watching this video, viewers will be able to gain insight from the President of the United States and First Lady Obama on how to put an end to bullying in our schools across America.Even includes personal stories!

Bullying Prevention

Center for Safe Schools Bullying Prevention Initiative provides resources for effective implementation, sustainability and evaluation of bullying prevention programs that contribute to changes in student attitudes and behavior, and positive school climate.

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A great resource that includes information on bully prevention on a National level in schools across America. This resource will assist schools, districts, and communities as they implement this program in their schools.

Teaching Students to Prevent Bullying

Student bullying is one of the most frequently reported discipline problems at school: 21% of elementary schools, 43% of middle schools, and 22% of high schools reported problems with bullying in 2005-06. Bullying is the number one discipline problem in middle schools. These lesson, activities, and games will help you and your students understand this serious problem.

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This resource provides lesson plans, activities, games, and quizzes to name a few, that can help students and teachers understand the serious problem of bullying in schools. Check it Out!

School Bullying Prevention

5 KEY SCHOOL BULLYING PREVENTION STRATEGIES 1. Anti-Bullying Assembly Programs Plain and simple: Get someone who connects with the age group and has a powerful message. The goal should be to find a speaker who seeks to change the hearts of bullies, who gives the bullied kids practical and helpful advice, and who motivates peer bystanders to intercede and report.

Tina Burns' Insight:
In this resource, the author provides five key strategies that will effectively diminish bullying in your schools.

Kids |

Kid-friendly tools to learn about bullying and how to prevent it.

Tina Burns' Insight:
Great resource that students can use that is filled with information that address bullying in schools such as: how to respond, how to get help, and the various types of bullying. Check out the facts, videos, games, and what you can do to prevent bullying in your schools!

The Ophelia Project - Leading Resource On Relational Aggression

The Ophelia Project is a national, nonprofit organization with expertise in the area of relational aggression, and is committed to creating a safe social culture for all youth and adults.

Tina Burns' Insight:
This site is filled with great resources aligned with national standards.Topics include: Teaching Digital Citizenship and How to Stop Cyberbullying. Focuses on grade levels 6-12, where bullying is occuring at a fast rate.

Nobody Likes a Bully - How to Stop Bullying in Schools - Deal with Bullies - Why Do I Bully Prevent

Nobody Likes a Bully is a life-like story of school bullying from different perspectives. Along the way, Coach Kozak answers questions like how to stop bullying, why do I bully, what to do if your friends are being bullied, and how to deal with bullies.

Tina Burns' Insight:
For students, this resource is a great media presentation of a re-inactment of bullying in the schools. Students are able to appreciate the use of multimedia to showcase the different perspectives of a bully and how to stop it. Take a look!

Help Stop Bullying and Cyberbullying | STOMP Out Bullying™

It's time for parents to know about the research that shows a troubling trend in the mental health of our children. Peer cruelty, stress, depression, eating disorders, smoking, binge drinking, and using drugs are on the rise ...

Tina Burns' Insight:
Join other students as they STOMP out Bullying! This resource showcase how students, celebrities, and organizations all over the nation are coming together to STOMP out Bullying. Check out the campaigns and other resources!

Dealing With Bullies

No one likes a bully. Find out how to handle them in this article for kids.

Tina Burns' Insight:
From a Health Perspective, students can learn about the emotions and feelings that are caused by bullying. This resource is a great tool students can use to learn about how to deal with bullies!

Teens Against Bullying Home Page | Teens Against Bullying

Imagine going about your life while being bombarded with negative messages. Fortunately, PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center is giving kids the power to use their words not to hurt but to hear, to help, and to heal.

Tina Burns' Insight:
An Excellent Resource that teens can use to learn about bullying and ways to address it. By using this resource, teens will be learn how to Identify, Respond, Listen, Act and use resources to combat bullying in the schools. Bonus. Great Questionnaires!

Stop Bullying: October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Books for kids, teens, and parents on bullying and cyber-bullying. Books and resources for kids, teens, and parents on bullying and cyber-bullying.

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A great resource for students to select books that they can read that relate to the topic of bullying on their own level. Books for kids and teens address real-life bullying issues that they may face. Check it Out!

Student Bullying Resources

Bullying Information and Prevention School is hard enough without having to deal with bullies, teasers or other kids who are just mean! So, you have a problem with someone in your class. Are you being bullied? Read on to find out!

Tina Burns' Insight:
A great resource tool that informs students how to deal with bullying, how to identify if you are the bully, victim or both, how to report it, and the latest resources on bully information and prevention. It also includes Webisodes of anti- bullying messages. Take a look! So Cool!