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Best Educational Toys for Toddlers 2016 - Top Reviewed Learning Toys

For 2016, the lineup of learning toys for toddlers is really making the grade! The sheer number of educational toys for kids in this age group with high ratings is pretty amazing.

Here is a gathering of the "best of the best" educational toys for toddlers - based on overall popularity, consumer ratings and reviews - these are the ones that parents are picking the most, and kids 1 to 3 years of age are having a blast with! =)


VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

From baby steps to big steps the Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker by VTech helps your baby develop from a crawler to a walker through adaptive technology. With a barnyard of playful friends to cheer them on, your little one will have endless fun as they learn to walk. Start out with the easy-to-remove activity panel for floor play or on-the-run fun...

VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

Learning is tons of fun with the Drop and Go Dump Truck by VTech. Drop a colorful rock into the top of this cute toy dump truck, and watch it tumble into the bucket. Your little one will learn numbers as the interactive truck counts each rock. Once the rocks are in the bucket, push or pull the truck along to see the rocks rumble inside...

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Shoot, score and learn with the Smart Shots Sports Center by VTech. Toss the basketball into the hoop to score points or kick the soccer ball into the net to hear fun sounds. Press buttons, turn gears and flip pages to learn about shapes, numbers and more...

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

Your child can rock out and learn with the VTech KidiBeats Drum Set. This drum set for kids comes with a pair of drumsticks that can be used to tap the four different electronic learning drums. Your child can drum freestyle or play along to nine pre-set melodies in a variety of musical styles...

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In addition to being safe (see Safety and children's toys below), toys for young children need to match their stages of development and emerging abilities. Many safe and appropriate play materials are free items typically found at home.

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They talk, they walk, they even seem to learn new things easily. We're not talking about your child, but your child's toys. Book readers, robots, and electronic learning games are more popular than ever. Beyond the hype, you'll find a selection of award-winning products that can help your child become a better reader, memorize important facts, and strengthen problem-solving skills.

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DEVELOPMENTAL ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN FROM AGE 1 TO AGE 2 What should you expect of children from 1 to 2 years old?Children this age are... Energetic (walk more steadily, run, push, pull, take apart, carry, and climb on and grab things). Self-centered.

7 Homemade Toys for Baby

As a parent, you are your baby's first teacher. Swiss philosopher, Dr. Jean Piaget, upon whose theories many of the foundations of Early Childhood education have been built, once said, "Young children are explorers and it is the job of the adults around them to provide the experiences and materials to stimulate their development."

Educational Toys That Positively Impact Your Toddler’s Development

There have been numerous debates over the years about the growth rate of a youngsters' development. Personally, I firmly believe that the toddler years are some of the most important years, because kiddos are exploring new things and learning about the world around them - all while maintaining that sense of awe and wonder.

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

The Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set brings phonics skills to life with 26 singing, talking letters. Perfect for keeping little ones busy learning, the magnetic school bus and letter tiles stick to your fridge or any magnetic surface. Children can place each letter into the bus window and press it to hear Tad say the letter's name and sound...

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