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Updated by Helen Alvarez on Oct 29, 2015
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Quit Smoking Tips - Zoom on cigarettes

A new research found that Omega-3 supplements can help people to quit smoking. It turned out that fatty acids do reduce cravings for nicotine. In the course of the research one group of smokers consumed omega-3 capsules on the daily basis and second group of smokers consumed placebo pills. - Zoom on cigarettes

Smokers know how difficult is to quit, because cigarettes contain substance nicotine which causes addiction. Smokers are aware enough about health risks of their habit. Some of them want to quit for good, others do not. Data shows that annually more than one third of smokers at least once try to stop smoking and only 2% manage to do it. - Zoom on cigarettes

The famous Hollywood actress Whoopi Goldberg became the face for new quit smoking app found at Using the site, users create an optimistic message for a family member or friend who smokes. The message looks like a newspaper necrologue and its aim is to help quit smoking habit. - Zoom on cigarettes

On March 11 there will be No Smoking Day in the UK. Prior to this day there was released data by a research which reveals that smoking people have a 70% increased risk of depression and anxiety in comparison with those who do not smoke. - Zoom on cigarettes

A study by UC Irvine and Stanford University found that smokers involved in a smoking cessation program, in the course of which they do send each other tweets on a regular basis achive more success in quitting. It turned out that daily tweets which encourage smokers to kick their habit prove to be more effective than traditional social media. - Zoom on cigarettes
  1. During the first days of cessation better technique to ease withdrawal symptoms is deep breating. It is a proven effective method, therefore everytime you feel a craving for cigarettes you should take a very deep breath and then slowly exhale the air. - Zoom on cigarettes

In one of its recent publications, CHEST claims that electronic cigarettes are not studied so good that we could talk about their exact benefits and risks. Generally, physicians and public health experts have different opinions on them and they may be devided into two groups. - Zoom on cigarettes

There was launched a new application for those who wants to quit smoking. The talk is about app called My QuitBuddy. With My QuitBuddy you choose when to start your personal quitting program. You may choose to quit smoking right now or you may establish a concrete quitting day for future.

UK Preparing for Stoptober 2015 | Tobacco Campaign

Smokers in the UK are invited to join national Stoptober campaign aimed to help them quit the habit. The campaign is organized each year in October. Data demonstrates that 20.3% of adult people across Yorkshire and The Humber are smokers.

You and Cigarettes

You want to quit, but it turns to be a hard thing as cravings always appear. This is a normal thing occuring in each smoker who wants to get rid of the habit. Cravings for cigarettes appear because smoker's body is addicted to nicotine and therefore craves for this substance. - Zoom on cigarettes

Data shows that today 42 million Americans smoke and among them almost 70% want to quit. There are different smoking cessation methods, but which of them are most effective? Newest researches say that most effective methods to quit smoking are behavioral interventions (phone counseling, self-help methods, one-on-one counseling) and medications (bupropion, nicotine replacement, varenicline).

New Quit Smoking App Launched in Switzerland

The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) in Switzerland launched a new personalised application for smartphones which will help smokers quit their habit by communication with a person who supports them in this attempt. The app is called SmokeFree Buddy.

You and Cigarettes

Do you think that the best way to give up smoking for good is to turn to electronic cigarettes? Do not hurry to make this conclusion, because e-cigarettes are considered not helpful in quitting. There may appear other unusual ways to get rid of the habit.