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Feliway For Cats Can Help Them Anxiety Free

Gainesville Animal Hospital - Veterinarian In Gainesville, FL USA :: Feliway Can Help!

Is your cat stressed? Cats show stress in many different ways and sometimes stress can manifest into systemic illness. You may not think that everyday minor changes in the environment would stress out your cat but it can. Things as simple as redecorating your house, new house guests, introducing a new pet, boarding and even trips in the car or to the clinic can be HUGE stressors in your pets life. Does this mean we should not change anything in our house or never bring our cat to the vet?

Feline Behavior Spotlight

Straight Talk About Feline Behavior Problems and Feliway® Contributed by Farnam Companies What causes cats to scratch and spray urine on walls, doorways, furniture, etc.? Cats are territorial animals, and they are most comfortable with the status quo.

Anti-anxiety Medication for Cats

Cats are similar to humans when it comes to anxious behavior. Some may be outgoing and friendly with any new face they meet or they may be scared when they are in a crowd of new faces. They get panic attacks and develop a strange cat behavior.

How to Travel with a Cat

How to Travel with a Cat. Thinking of going on vacation or a road trip but can't leave the cat behind? Find some ways to make the trip easier on all involved. If your cat is prone to motion sickness, buy motion sickness pills for cats.

Substitutes for feliway for cats | eHow UK

Substitutes for feliway for cats. Feliway is a synthetic product designed to mimic the facial pheromones that cats use to mark their surroundings as safe. Feliway can be used to calm a cat who is showing signs of stress through undesirable behaviour, such as inappropriate spraying or scratching.

How Does Feliway Work? | eHow

How Does Feliway Work?. When looking for solutions to cat issues such as marking, urinating outside the litter box, aggressiveness, fear or anxiety, veterinarians often recommended Feliway. Feliway is a liquid product, available as a spray or plug-in diffuser, that contains synthetic copies of feline facial pheromones. The scent produced helps...

How Do I Get the Best Flea Protection

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best flea protection, such as the type of pet you have and the extent of flea infestation. Flea protection comes in a variety of forms to choose from, including shampoos, powders and topical applications.

Cost Less Pets: Feliway Spray For Cats

Feliway Spray for Cats mimics the cats natural pheromones to stop your cat from marking its territory. Both male and female cats spray to mark their territory. Feliway spray can reduce the likelihood or urine spraying again.