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List of Benefits About Various Natural Green Tea

Natural green tea which helps you to restore yourself with this healing blend of natural green tea leaves, which uplift yourself with the heavenly flavours of Kashmir.


Is Herbal Tea Different From Infusion Tea?

A cup of herbal tea can be highly relaxing and rejuvenating. To many it can be an effective stress buster too. But, it is also thought to be healthier, yet not many of us know about herbal tea and the innumerous health benefits it has to offer.

Beauty And Health Benefits Of Tea

Tea is the staple drink of India and a preferred variant in many parts of the country is the Black Tea. Another popular variant is the Kashmiri Kawa. However, of late the Green Tea has gained significance as a wellness based beverage. You can also now buy tea online in India through leading digital stores.

5 Reasons To Use Green Tea For Glowing Skin

Tulsi Green Tea is a healthier and zero risk option for maintaining a healthy skin tone. It covers the basic of healthy skin maintenance both through the consumption and external application of Green Tea. This highly beneficial tea has generated a huge market demand so you can now also buy green tea online.

Find the Great Taste of Cinnamon Apple Infusion Tea Online

A majority of Indians begin their day with a cup of tea. The popular beverage is a staple in the Indian subcontinent. As of the present, a variety of flavors other than traditional tea are available, out of which cinnamon apple infusion tea is a good option. One can also buy tea online, choosing from conventional to exotic flavors.

Tea: The Key To Good Health

A simmering cup of tea can instantly take away all your stresses of the day. But that’s not the only benefit of the tea. Around the world, researchers have concluded that tea is the key to good health- that sipping a cup or two every day can guarantee you a stress free, healthy life.

Tulsi And Green Tea: A Powerful Concoction To Drive Your Day!

Tulsi has been used by Indians for centuries to treat different ailments and boost the immune system. Green tea with its antioxidants gives you a better skin, while Tulsi helps you look younger sans rashes or allergies.

The Humble- Flavorful Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

Kashmiri Kahwa is a humble concoction of flavors made using Green Tea and Indian Spices. The preparation is usually taken for breakfast and accompanied by special baked items from Kashmir.

Find The Great Taste Of Cinnamon Apple Infusion Tea Online

A majority of Indians begin their day with a cup of tea. The popular beverage is a staple in the Indian subcontinent. As of the present, a variety of flavors other than traditional tea are available, out of which cinnamon apple infusion tea is a good option. One can also buy tea online, choosing from conventional to exotic flavors.

Health Benefits of Tulsi Green Tea

A unique combination of Tulsi and green tea makes Tulsi green tea very beneficial for health. Tulsi Green Tea, produced from the extract of organic herbs that are free from caffeine, soda and preservatives, is very beneficial for health.

The Magical Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

The Kashmiri Kahwa tea, since many years, is known as magic tea in India. A single cup and you’re ready to get your spirits uplifted. Kashmiri kahwa is subtle on your taste and ideal for the times whenever you crave a little warmth and still don’t want the heaviness of classic milk coffee or tea.

Health Benefits of Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine green tea is simply made by infusing green tea with the fragrance of jasmine flower. Other varieties of teas can also be used for this infusion, though green tea is the most popular.

Things to Consider When Buying Tea Online

Now-a-days, with a wide variety of tea flavors available in the market, there has also been an influx in various online tea stores. So, choosing the best place to buy tea becomes difficult. This article aims to make selecting, the best teas online, easy for you.

Why Use Green Tea?

Green tea has been used as medication since thousands of years. Though it originated in China, but it is widely used throughout Asia. It has a large number of uses ranging from lowering BP to preventing cancer. The reason that green tea has far more health benefits linked to it than the usual black tea is owing to its processing.

Benefits of Cranberry Apple Infusion Tea

Cranberry tea is recognized widely as it contains great anti-oxidant properties. Apples and cranberries are considered as super foods that have amazing benefits in the form of Cranberry Apple Infusion tea if had on a regular basis.

Tea Buyers’ Guide

From diabetes to Alzheimer’s, you can reduce your risk of developing a variety of medical conditions by simply opting for a cup or two of tea every day. It offers protection against a wide range of diseases.

Tasting Tea the Different Way

Gone are the days when you used to sip milk mixed black tea. With major brands testing and creating new tea flavors and herbal tea variations, you can now taste tea in different ways!

Tasty & Healthy Herbal Tea Infusions

Tea lovers come in all shapes, sizes and forms and from all parts of the country. We all have different tastes; some are acquired over our lifespan. Jaytea is one of India’s leading tea brands, spectacularly known for their varieties of tea available in the market.

Why Should You Choose Green Tea?

You must have noticed someone or the other going gaga over green tea. Or you might have seen brands of green tea adorning racks in supermarkets. Even if neither is the case, let us tell you that green tea is unarguably the best beverage for you if you want to include a healthy drink in your diet.

Tulsi Green Tea – The Indian Elixir

Tulsi, or basil, whose scientific name is Ocimum Tenuiflorum, is considered sacred in India. Besides its mythological connections, Tulsi has been highly regarded in the subcontinent for its medicinal properties for over 5000 years.

The Right Way to Drink Green Tea

We have all heard and read about the wonderful benefits of green tea. But since green tea is different from the regular black tea, you should know the right way to brew it so you derive the maximum benefits.

Discover The Wonders of Tulsi Tea

Tulsi tea is not just another entrant in the green tea segment; this herb comes with ancient history backing it. Although this herb has been used in Indian households as decoctions since ages, tea makers have taken notice and started offering Tulsi tea as a part of their product range. Read on to find out what makes this tea so special.

Five Most Popular Flavored Teas

For those who love tea, there is nothing like experimenting with different flavors of tea. Tea is consumed all over the world. And every tea-growing region has a different flavor in its tea plants due to the differences between soils and climatic conditions. There are some popular flavored teas that come with infusions of fruits, spices and herbs; however, tea-connoisseurs keep rustling up new flavors every now and then.

Slimming Tea For Your Weight Woes

What would be a better way to lose weight than do it with tea? The wonderful effects of slimming tea on weight loss have made it a popular choice among weight loss enthusiasts.

The Great Indian Green Tea

Green tea is good because it is full of ingredients that make you healthy. More and more people are becoming aware of its health benefits and opting for green tea instead of the traditional tea. Green tea is blended with a variety of flavors like honey, ginger, and lemon among many others. In India, you can easily find a number of flavors online that will leave you spoilt for choice.

5 Reasons to Begin Your Day with Assam Tea

Assam is the favorite tea of India. It is clear from the fact that more than half of the entire tea consumed in India comes from the hills of Assam. In India, tea is usually made with milk and sugar, often with the addition of herbs and spices particular to a specific region. Read on to find out more about the health benefits of this tea.