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Updated by Jakub Prószyński on May 26, 2017
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Pijaru Ficzery #25

Facebook testing verified checkmark within comments - Inside Facebook

Facebook is doing what it can to cater to the public figure or prominent user. Tuesday, the company announced Facebook Media, a hub for media outlets and public figures on the site. Now, according to The Next Web Social Media Director Matt Navarra, verified profiles are getting the blue checkmark in comments.

Facebook testing clearer post attribution menu for page admins - Inside Facebook

Facebook is making it easier for page admins to switch between pages they manage and their personal profile with clearer toggle buttons. As pointed out to Inside Facebook by reader Alessandra Rossi and The Next Web Social Media Director Matt Navarra, page admins who control several pages can have the ability to easily change between posting as themselves and their pages.

Changes to Facebook's Website Custom Audiences? - AllFacebook

Facebook appears to be tinkering with the process of creating website custom audiences for ad targeting. Reader Adomas Baltagalvis alerted AllFacebook via email that there are now five remarketing options to choose from: Anyone who visits your website. People who visit specific Web pages. People visiting specific Web pages but not others.

Updated Google Maps Gallery Lets You Add Your Personal Adventures

If you've ever created a map using Google Maps, you might not consider yourself an amateur cartographer, but that's basically what you are (gold star, you). Now the Google Maps team has made a change aimed at getting even more would-be mappers contributing to its maps database by updating My Maps (renamed today from the former Google Maps Engine Lite) and opening up the Google Maps Gallery to the public.

Facebook Expands Analytics Tools for App Developers

Facebook today announced improved analytics tools for app developers. The company is introducing options for measuring the performance of apps among specific groups of people as well as ways to track retention of users. Label cohorts let developers categorize groups of people who use their app.

New Pinterest Notifications and Analytics Boost Business

Visual social media marketing site Pinterest recently rolled out its new Analytics dashboard, in a move sure to delight businesses that use the site to market their companies. Facebook has long offered detailed analytics to business users. And other sites (including Twitter, which recently expanded access to its analytics) are taking similar steps to meet marketers' demands for more detailed data.

Facebook Quietly Pulls Personal Promoted Posts From Profiles

Facebook silently pulled a controversial feature, which allowed users to pay to get their posts more visibility in the news feed. When Facebook first announced the feature back in October 2012, the social media community was abuzz. Some went so far as to call Facebook "rigged," and took the

New Gmail Accounts No Longer Require Google+ Profiles

Previously, Google required everyone to make a Google+ profile in order to get a new Gmail account. This made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move. Now, that requirement is lifted. Sort of.

Facebook adds page admin panel next to News Feed - Inside Facebook

Facebook is trying to make things a little easier for page admins by showing a breakdown next to News Feed of post and ad performance. Several page admins have been seeing a feature that Facebook is apparently rolling out, where information about recent posts and ads shows up to the right of the News Feed.

Facebook Tests Mobile Search Feature for Posts

What if you could search for any post you had shared on Facebook? How about posts that your friends shared with other friends? For business, what if it were easy to search posts by Page or your Groups? I had read that Facebook was testing a new feature for mobile users.

Twitter Updates Tailored Audiences and Privacy Settings

Audience segmentation and targeting is slowly becoming the core focus of all major social media platforms, as it largely defines the success (or failure) of advertising campaigns. Yesterday evening, Twitter announced a new update on its Tailored Audiences feature, whose goal is to provide advertisers with more tools for managing their target groups.

No More Embedded Tweets On Twitter Website

Bad news, Twitter lovers. As it appears, the social network decided to strip its website version from its embedded tweet preview functionality. Also Read: Twitter Updates Tailored Audiences and Privacy Settings Embedded tweets were introduced in the mobile app, then debuting on as well, but now it seems that the website has stopped showing...

Facebook Brings Ad Manager To Mobile

It was announced and it has now become a reality: Facebook is bringing Ad Manager to its mobile app. Managing ads is often a big part of what we do as digital marketers, and up to now, it was a task that was keeping us at our desks, as we could not manage ads from...

YouTube Adds Minute-by-Minute Analytics

YouTube has added new real-time reporting to its analytics dashboard that provides view counts down to the minute for your videos. By default, the new dashboard section shows your last five published videos, but you can search for older videos. The interface has two graphs: hour-by-hour data for the last 48 hours and minute-by-minute figures for the past hour.

Facebook Gets More Twitterish By Showing Timely And Trending Posts Sooner

Facebook wants to steal discussion of real-time events from Twitter and stop being perceived as a slow social network. So today it announced News Feed changes that will surface posts that mention Trending Topics sooner and higher in the feed.