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Sotrender Research Insight: znajdź swój czas publikowania!

Ku naszej radości, przeprowadzona przez Sotrender analiza godzin publikowania wpisów na Facebooku cieszy się niesłabnącą popularnością. Dlatego też postanowiliśmy ją powtórzyć, aby sprawdzić, czy w ciągu ostatnich 12 miesięcy zmieniły się przyzwyczajenia administratorów stron komercyjnych. Przypuszczaliśmy, że w ciągu całego roku, admini będą znacznie bardziej świadomi przyzwyczajeń grup docelowych swoich produktów i pokuszą się o wyjście poza schemat publikowania w czasie standardowych godzin pracy biurowej.

What Is It Really Like to Work in Social Media?

In today's market, social media is no longer simply about Facebook 'Likes' and tweets; rather it has become a key tool for any business. That is why social media is one of the most interesting and exciting industries to work in, especially since there are so many different companies that fall under the umbrella title of being a "social media company."

30 Little-Known Features of Facebook, Twitter, and More

When I first set foot in Disneyland, I race to the most famous rides first-Splash Mountain, the Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, all the biggest and best. Little do I know there are just as many hidden gems and overlooked attractions that I've likely missed in my sprint for the headliners.

Infographic: How To Increase Your Instagram Engagement By 182%

Are you making full use of Instagram's massive popularity to reach out to your target audience? If you count Instagram as one of your main social media platforms in your work or play, you may find the tips included in this infographic pretty useful.

Bookmarks Bar for Marketers

151 Browser Bookmarks to Install - marketing tools, articles, blogs, and other resources in a simple file you can easily add and use online.

7 Free Ways for Boosting Your Social Media Engagement

Did you know that there are over 1.82 billion social network users worldwide? That number is expected to increase to approximately 2.33 by 2017. Needless to say, being active on social media is an essential part of your marketing plan. But, how can you reach your audience more effectively than [...]

25+ apps to make your everyday life easier

At our small, fast-moving nonprofit company, everyone does a couple of jobs - and productivity apps help us manage roles that shift between coding, writing/designing and running a full-scale conference twice a year. We asked the TED staff what apps they can't live without.

6 reasons why you still need to acquire new Facebook fans - Inside Facebook

Facebook has recently prohibited "like-gating." Like-gating was the practice of forcing users to become Facebook fans of a brand before they could access its content or participate in a contest. A lot of marketing blogs have commented on this, talking about the demise of Facebook marketing or alternatively the sudden pointlessness of having/getting fans.

Praca w social media: 7 punktów, które ułatwią Ci jej znalezienie

Praca w social media? Moda wciąż trwa. Przerobiłem już trochę CV, rozmawiałem z wieloma ludźmi, słyszałem wiele uwag pod adresem swoim, jak i innych. Nie wszystkie rozmowy się udawały, niektóre sam zmanipulowałem, jeżeli od wejścia do budynku wiedziałem, że nie chcę w danym miejscu pracować.

Copywriting Tips for the Novice Blogger

"I can't write." You've said it a zillion times, but you're not going to say it again because it's a giant, steamy, stinky pile of crap. I know what your problem is. You learned how to write. Then you learned you were doing it wrong. Blame it on your teachers.

How The Most Successful People Manage Their Time

"Where does the time go?" I say it. I'm sure you say it a lot. We seek work-life balance but it seems there's never enough time to get it all done. And yet we all know there are people who accomplish a lot more than we do in a day - and they don't have magic powers.