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Cult Metal Classics (Cult Masterpieces)

Welcome to Cult Metal Classics - re-issue record label!

Your favorite re-issue label is back! We are going to release some of the best stuff out there like DEAF DEALER, SIMSON, VATICAN, REBELLION and more! Thank you for your support!

SIMSON - Delilah (Pre-Order)

SPECIAL PRE-ORDER*** This is a special pre-order offer for the album SIMSON - Delilah on CD format. You get the CD for 1 euro less than the normal selling price. Be the first to receive the CD on its release date of September 26th.

DEAF DEALER - Journey Into Fear (Pre-Order)

This is a special pre-order offer for the album DEAF DEALER - Journey Into Fear on CD format. You get the CD for 1 euro less than the normal selling price. Be the first to receive the CD on its release date of September 26th.

SATANIC RITES - Which Way The Wind Blows

For the first time ever on CD the legendary second album of the mighty NWOBHM band, SATANIC RITES. This is the OFFICIAL re-issue of their 1985 classic LP that is hard to find in its original form.

BREAKER - Dead Rider

We understand that BREAKER is probably one of the most common names used by heavy metal bands throughout the metal history from the 70's 'till now. With the most reputed bands by that name, being the U.S. and the Canadian BREAKER, here comes one more KILLER band from Germany this time.

HUNTER - Sign Of The Hunter

We could never understand why a MEGA band like HUNTER with such a huge potential was rated by some metal reviewers as commercial heavy metal. This has NOTHING TO DO with reality. This band is a simply GRANDIOSE pure 80's heavy metal offering that will shock you by how great they are!

OVERDOSE - Tight Action

These are the mighty OVERDOSE from Frankfurt. There are so many metal bands by that name, but believe us, this is the real deal. By far the best OVERDOSE we've heard of so far. Their only release in 1985 is a pure metal MASTERPIECE loaded with killer heavy metal music, with clever arrangements, cool vocals and fantastic rhythm changes and razor sharp riffs.

CHAINSAW - Hell's Burnin' Up

These are the legendary CHAINSAW from Germany. The band formed in 1984 and their one and only release so far, the mighty ''Hell's Burnin' Up'' LP originally released in 1986, remained a lost obscurity to this day.

DEATH DEALER - Coercion To Kill

Words are pointless - get ready for the DEATH DEALER assault!!! This CD is the reason why we at CMC decided to start a record label at the first place. I guess you are all familiar with one of the greatest metal bands ever, DEAF DEALER from Canada.

WALLOP - Metallic Alps

German metal pride! Though the name WALLOP may sound unfamiliar to some of you, this is the first band of later GRAVE DIGGER drummer, Stefan Arnold. But is that all? Definitely not. Among the so many great German metal releases of the 80's this one has its place up there with the best!

LION'S BREED - Damn The Night

The NWOBHM face of a power metal legend! You are all aware of the fantastic German power metal band SCANNER. With the debut album of SCANNER entitled ''Hypertrace'' the band offered a milestone power metal release to be remembered in the years to come.

PHANTOM - Cyberchrist

As strong as it gets! By far, this is the strongest material of PHANTOM so far. As close as it gets to JUDAS PRIEST's ''Painkiller'' masterpiece, the magnificent quintet delivers pure power metal from start to finish, quite reminiscent of VICIOUS RUMORS and late PRIEST.

PHANTOM - Phantom

Still heavy, still loud!! The second effort of this great band! 17 years have passed since the original release of ''Phantom'' and take our word on this, despite the more melodic sound, the material is very strong again with great tunes like ''Wolves at the Door'', ''Evilize'', ''Bonecrusher'' etc.

PHANTOM - Dead Or Alive

The first, the best and the most rare! At last! This crowning heavy metal jewel of the 80's is finally available on CD. Hands down, this is the best PHANTOM release with a sound close to HEXX, WILD DOGS, SCREAMER etc.

TITAN FORCE - Winner/Loser

Do you know of many music bands (not necessarily metal bands) that managed to release a perfect album and then followed up with an equally perfect second album? Only the real big bands achieved something like this and of course TITAN FORCE, that it's a wonder why they didn't become as big as IRON MAIDEN and METALLICA.

CEREBUS - Too Late To Pray

With the release of their 1986 MASTERPIECE, the North Carolina metallers forever marked their name in the heavy/speed metal history as one of the greatest bands to never make it big. CEREBUS had all it took to become a huge thing in U.S.A. and Europe but due to many different factors that never happened.

EXORISTOI - Wrath Of Zeus

Greece's biggest selling heavy metal band of all time, is back after many years to lay claim to their throne.

ATLAIN - Guardians of Eternity

After the crushing debut of ATLAIN, entitled ''Living In The Dark'', the time had come for one of the 5 top albums in the history of German Power Metal. ''Guardians Of Eternity'' has to be in every serious power metal collection!

LUST - We'll Never Die

With pride we present you, the rarest and most wanted French metal masterpiece on CD. LUST was born in the early eighties and managed to release only one album, the legendary piece of steel ''We'll Never Die'', back in 1988 on their own.

OVERLORDE - Return of the Snow Giant

At last!!! The long awaited vinyl version of one of the top U.S. metal masterpieces of all time. The perfect 10. The album that destroys everything and immediately ranked OVERLORDE to the top of contemporary power metal.

MANILLA ROAD - Invasion / Metal

Coming Soon REBELLION - And The Battle Begins... an epic metal masterpiece, previously released only on cassette. For the first time, the highly appreciated gems of Epic Metal available on official DCD re-release including lyrics, liner notes and story behind the recordings! Two lost classics from the pioneers of Epic Sound!!

ELIXIR - The Idol

Coming Soon REBELLION - And The Battle Begins... an epic metal masterpiece, previously released only on cassette. Vinyl version of the continuation of the legendary ''Son of Odin''! NWOBHM at its best! Limited to 500 copies vinyl edition. " back to releases

BLOODSTAINED - Greetings from Hell

View release details: BLOODSTAINED - Greetings from Hell | Cult Metal Classics, rare heavy metal re-issue record label.

ATTIKA - Attika

Coming Soon Get ready for one of the greatest re-issues ever made. VATICAN "Metalmorphosis". A pure metal masterpiece from OHIO, USA!! A well hidden secret of U.S metal is revealed! The band that released the classic album ''When Heroes Fall'' on Massacre Records! TRACK LISTING: 1. Blindman's Run 2.


The glorious return of the unforgettable ex-guitar player and founder of VIRGIN STEELE! A neo-classical masterpiece on CD format hailed unanimously as an essential piece of metal music! Features an all star cast including Shmoulik Avigal on vocals (ex-PICTURE, HORIZON, THE RODS etc.), Ned Meloni on bass (ex-JOE LYNN TURNER, BURNING STARR) and Joe Hasselvander on drums (ex-RAVEN, PENTAGRAM, DEVIL CHILDE etc.)

ELWING - Immortal Stories

View release details: ELWING - Immortal Stories | Cult Metal Classics, rare heavy metal re-issue record label.