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Dental Works 4 Kids is a team of pediatric dentists & orthodontic health care specialists in Ontario, CA providing the highest standard of specialized and comprehensive oral healthcare and orthodontics for infants, children, adolescents, and patients with special needs. Dental Works 4 Kids offer a safe and welcoming environment with a focus on education and prevention for families in our community.

Dentist & Dentistry in Woodbridge, ON -

Get the complete preventive care and dental treatment with Dental Works 4 Kids, pediatric dentistry specialists in Woodbridge, ON. They provide highest standard of specialized oral healthcare and orthodontics for infants, children and adolescents.

Holistic Nutritionist in Vaughan at

Learn the health impact of optimal nutrition by Holistic Nutritionist! The Holistic Nutritionist at Dental Works 4 Kids can help to guide and mentor you and your child on a journey to achieving power over your health. Contact at 905.417.2825 to schedule an appointment.

Are you looking for dentistry in Maple for complete dental treatment? Dental Works 4 Kids is a pediatric dentistry and orthodontics clinic in Maple, ON providing broad and specialized dental care for infants, adolescents, children and special needs patients.

Kids Dentist & Dentistry in Vaughan -

First multi-specialty dental office for kids in the Vaughan, ON! Dental works 4 Kids is a group of specialized pediatric dentists and orthodontics for complete dental and oral health of your children. They also provide treatment like speech therapy, nutritionist counselling, sedation dentistry and more. Visit the website for more information.

Dentistry in Richmond Hill -

Get highly trained pediatric dentists and Orthodontist for early prevention and comprehensive oral care! Dental Works 4 Kids is a comprehensive dentistry in Richmond Hill that provides both Pediatric dentistry and Orthodontics treatment to infants, children and adolescence. Contact them today.

Pediatric, Kids Dentist in Toronto at

Find the best pediatric dentist in Toronto. Dental Works 4 Kids is a comprehensive children dental practice center that provides both Pediatric dentistry and Orthodontics treatment to infants, children and adolescence, including those with special health care needs in Toronto, ON.

Dentist For Kids In Mississauga at

If you are looking for the kids and children dentist in Mississauga? Then contact Dental Works 4 Kids, they have a unique multi-specialty pediatric dentist clinic located near to Mississauga. Call them today.

Kids Dentist in Brampton at

Find the highly skilled and trained kids dentist in Brampton. At Dental Works 4 Kids, they provide you pediatric dentist with year of experience and specialize in complete children dental care.

Thumb Sucking: How Much Is Too Much

All healthy babies have a strong sucking reflex. This is normal and necessary; sucking is the only way babies get nutrition. But the instinct to suck is so strong that few babies are completely satisfied by nursing. Consequently, they suck on whatever is handy-thumbs, pacifiers, even stuffed animals and the corners of blankets.

Good Oral Care Habits Last for Life

Many recent studies have focused on the important role played by healthy teeth and gums to maintain the body's overall health. Gum disease is, after all, a form of inflammation, and the body's so-called inflammatory cascade-the series of bodily processes caused or spurred on by inflammation-has been associated with many illnesses and health conditions.

Soothe Teething Pain Naturally

Baby's first tooth is usually a cause for celebration. But as teething gets underway, you may search for a way to relieve the pain for your crying infant. Among the most commonly used pain relievers are teething gels. Applied to baby's gums, the gels can numb the area and offer relief.

Expecting? Mom’s Healthier Mouth Means a Healthier Child

Keeping teeth and gums healthy is always important, yet many pregnant women ignore dental visits as they become wrapped up in other health care demands of pregnancy. Disregarding regular dental care during pregnancy poses risks not only to the mother but also to the child she's carrying.

The Importance of Routine Dental Care

Most children need to be seen by a dentist at least every 6 months for regular cleanings and checkups. Good oral health requires professional cleaning and observation, especially as children grow. It can be difficult for little children to learn to brush properly and even the best brushers and flossers can't get rid of tartar, a hard substance that forms on the teeth when plaque isn't properly removed.

Dental Works 4 Kids

Many children undergo speech therapy or are recommended to have speech therapy treatment. What many people don’t understand is that correcting one’s speech means to retrain the oral muscles such as the tongue and lips to be placed in the correct position while pronouncing certain sounds. Many parents also become frustrated with speech therapy progress because some children are not able to reach the goals set out for them. What many don’t understand is that a child’s teeth and jaws can be related to their speech. Imagine a child has a very narrow upper jaw and during speech therapy they are being told to keep their tongue to the roof of the mouth. If anatomically there is no room for the tongue to fit it will be very difficult to keep the tongue there. The muscles have to overwork. In certain cases early Orthodontic intervention can help alleviate these anatomical limitations by correcting jaw positions or the position of the teeth to ensure speech therapy is much more successful.