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Updated by Aromaaz International on May 14, 2015
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Discover Natural Exotics Essential Oils With Aromaaz International!

Aromaaz International Natural Exotics and pure essential oils.Essential oils are used extensively in aromatherapy and various traditional medicinal systems.


Know your 'Therapeutic Grade' essential oils - a little more!

In the beautifully enigmatic world of Essential oils, people often tend to get confused (perhaps more due to their understanding from their own interpretation of the 'marketing' terms coined/used by the essential oil sellers worldwide) between 'Therapeutic grade' essential oils, 'Fragrance grade' essential oils and even 'Organic' essential oils.

Over-Indulgenced In Alcohol And Nicotine? Get Detoxified With Organic Fennel Sweet Essential Oil!

You are going to become aware of the 'magical' prowess of certified organic Fennel sweet essential oil by the end of this write-up. Few weeks ago, I met my friends in the college alumni get-together and don't be amazed if I said I just drowned myself in the 'flow' of alcohol and obviously a high dose of 'smoky' Nicotine as well!

Stay Young, Look Younger With Organic Aloe Vera Carrier Gel!

What more can I say after the above verdict of my better half? Well, there is a lot more to say and know about Aloe Vera. It not only helps you defy your age, it also assists overcoming acne, dry and inflamed skin conditions.

The Best Ever Substitute to Rose wood oil: The Certified Organic Ho Wood Essential Oil!

A few weeks ago, I and my friends were whiling away the weekend time and discussing about the goodness of natural and pure Rosewood essential oil. Such that this commodity is considered to be coming from an endangered resource and hence the sale of this oil is not only restricted, it is somewhat banned.

The Multi- Purpose 'Wax': The 'GOLDEN' Jojoba Carrier Oil!

The unrefined 'Golden' variety of the Jojoba Carrier Oil is one of the most preferred choices of carrier oils across the globe today. A close friend from Israel, once suggested me the uses of this wonderful oil and ever since I look further for my purposes of carrier oil.

Feel That 'True Contentment' Of Your Body, Mind And Soul With Frangipani Absolute Oil!

This article is the thematic representation of a heartfelt experience of one of my friends who is into trading business of Essential and Aromatic oils. His vivid description of the Plumeria rubra tree or the Frangipani tree is both alluring and divine, that one may feel standing in the grove of those trees.

My Tryst With Essential Oils - A Brief Description Of What These Are!

Since a long time, I have been writing about the Mother Nature's most precious gift to us - Essential oils. What are essential oils, in the first place? Are they essential for their source of generation only? How do they benefit us? How many essential and other such oils exist as such?

The 'Perfect Ten' Essential Oils That Spell Health For You!

We have been long reading and talking about the multiple benefits of essential oils and other such aromatic natural products in our day-to-day lives. The pure and 100% Natural Essential Oils are the 'Life Line' of the hundreds of plants and trees in the plant kingdom, that offer a plethora of health and wellness benefits to the mankind.

Relieve Those Clogged Respiratory Tracts With Pure And Organic Lavindin Essential Oil!

A few weeks ago, I was in deep discussion with my friends who have a vintage expertise in the field of aromatherapy and similar therapeutic practices. It was a kind of debate on essential oils of Lavandin and Lavender.

Understand and Know Your Essential Oils Technically Too!

After a long break, I am back to what I love the most - writing for my lovely readers who read my blogs regularly. My apologies for making you wait for so long.

Natural Essential Oils that help practicing Yoga and Meditation better and easily!

We all know that how numerous pure and Natural Essential Oils can be put to use to calm both body and mind. That the same may be used for practicing a peaceful session of yoga and for meditation, makes a wonderful and easy option for a stress free mind that refreshes body as a whole, as in charges up the body and mind for the challenges of the new day.

Two Fabulous Fat Busters for Your FAT LOSS REGIMEN (Part 2)!

As promised to my lovely readers, I have not taken long to come back to you to tell you about two more such natural and pure essential oils that help us get rid of that bulky flab from our bodies and pave the path for our healthier lives.