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Updated by Fusion 360 on Sep 29, 2014
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8 Instagram Running Accounts That Will Get You Off The Couch

Whether you want to feel good or look good in the buff, everyone wants to be in shape and have cool gear. Unfortunately, it’s easier to not start than it is to start. Sometimes we need a little inspiration to get us up, and moving. Listed below are eight Instagram accounts to give you a carpe diem mentality to hit the trails.

Running Motivation

What better place to look for motivation than an Instagram account named Running Motivation (IG: runnerph)? Quotes, professional runners, medals, and fit bodies only begin to list out all the posts featured on this one-stop inspirational running account.

Nike Running

Any seasoned runner knows the importance of good running gear. The word “Nike” has become synonymous with quality running shoes. Nike’s Instagram account (IG: hosts a variety of footwear photos for runners to drool over.

Running On Veggies

Buying the right gear isn’t the only important element for a solid run. The Instagram account Running On Veggies (IG: runningonveggies) provides details of how to make your own delectables that provide the nutrients you need to have a great run.

Running Rage (IG: runningrage_snap)

For us urban dwellers, enjoying a scenic run is not always an option. Running Rage (IG: runningrage_snap) posts gorgeous shots of runners all around the world, from Bali to the Rocky Mountains.

Runner Shout outs & Motivation

Nothing gets people amped like having photos posted on a major Instagram account for the world to see. Runner Shout outs & Motivation (IG: runnershoutouts) chooses the best photos among its followers, giving someone their 10 minutes of fame.

Runner Space

Runner Space (IG: runnerspace) is unique in that it supplements its feed with videos. The videos are comprised of various running events that appeal to most any runner.

Running Healthy 13

For those who are morning runners, finding a suitable breakfast before a run can be a chore. Running Healthy 13 (IG: runninghealthy13) provides some interesting and delicious ideas to get you fueled before you put your gear on and head out the door.

Marathon Running Magazine

From the inspirational to the hilarious, Marathon Running Magazine (IG: marathonrunningmag) offers up some great quotes and memes to get you in the right mood for your daily run.  




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