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6 World Changing STEM Inventions

When you think about STEM inventions, you probably think about things like the iPhone 6. Many important inventions have seriously impacted history. Here are 6 STEM inventions that revolutionized our world.


Unlike the light bulb or telephone, the Internet has no single inventor. Despite what Al Gore may say, the internet developed over time. In the US, the Internet first got its start as a government weapon during the Cold War. For years, only scientists used it to share data.


One of the first antibiotics, penicillin was discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928. Since it's discovery, penicillin has saved 82 million lives and continues to be used today.

Light Bulb

Thomas Edison tried thousands of different materials before finally patenting a working light bulb in 1880. According to him, "genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”




Cell phones today have developed well beyond the phone that Alexander Graham Bell used to make that first successful call on March 10, 1876. When Mr. Bell said, "Mr. Watson, come here! I want to see you!" he started the beginning of a communication revolution.

Printing Press

When Johannes Gutenberg invented the moveable printing press in 1450, he unknowingly changed the world forever. The printing press allowed for an explosion of books and gave the general public access to new ideas. The printing press gave rise to the Enlightenment and the Protestant Reformation.




Believed to have been invented around 3500 BC, we can't even imagine what the world must have been like before the wheel.