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World War II: The Fight with Japan

Pearl Harbor News: Live from Pearl Harbor : American Heroes Channel

This video is actual video footage and radiobroadcasts from the attack on Pearl Harbor. The video shows the destruction and the broadcasts give a voice to America at the time of the attack. The video does not specify facts, but it does allow you to get a feel for the destruction and the intensity of the situation. Use this video to help place yourself in World War II.

William A. Adams Collection: Veterans History Project (American Folklife Center, Library of Congress)

This video is part of The Veterans History Project. The video is long, but provides information about Pearl Harbor from an actual soldier. The beginning of the interview begins with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. About ¼ of the way through the video Mr. Adams talks about life as a soldier. Use this video to connect with an actual person who experienced the war.

Memoir (Page 1): Reyner Aceves Aguirre: Experiencing War: Veterans History Project (Library of Congress

This memoir is a great resource into a soldier in World War II. This is a long read, but there is a table of contents on page 5. Read through information that interests you. Discover information about a hero that lost his life during the battle at Pearl Harbor. Pages 23-26 are pictures of Reyner Aguirre before the war. Pages 42-49 are letters written from Aguirre. Page 54 begins the information on Pearl Harbor. Use this information to get to know a soldier on a personal level.

Children of the Camps | INTERNMENT HISTORY

This article explains the concentration camps in America. Japanese Americans were taken and placed in camps throughout America. President Roosevelt and the American government were concerned that the Japanese people in America would fight against our country. Use this article to understand the hardships on all Americans during the war (including the Japanese citizens).

World War II - UEN

This website provides multiple links to information about World War II. There are a few resources that are helpful to the assignment on the Japanese and American conflict. Focus on the boxes with the following titles: Pearl Harbor Remembered, USS Arizona, and the USS Utah.

Our Documents - Surrender of Japan (1945)

This article summarizes the surrender of Japan in 1945. Use this information for facts surrounding the surrender and the end of the war between Japan and the United States. The article gives facts about the surrender and gives names of the leaders for Japan and the leaders from the United States who was involved.

World War II in Japan

This article contains information about Japan’s reasoning for attacking America. The information discusses the disagreements between Japan and America. The article also discusses the plans Japan had for conquering other areas. Use this information to gain insight into Japan’s overall game plan for conquering the Pacific




This article contains background information on Japan. The information chronicles the events before the conflict with America to the end of the war in 1945. Use this information as a timeline for Japan’s actions and events throughout World War II. Also look at the map for a visual of Japan’s Empire in 1942.

Japanese Relocation During World War II

This article gives background information on the Japanese relocation during World War II. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese people in America were taken to a variety of camps throughout America. The information gives specifics about the placements of the camps. The article gives an overview of life during and after the camps.

World War Two - Japanese Internment Camps in the USA

Use this article as a visual and a summary of the Japanese camps in America. There is a US map with the location of each camp. There is also information such as opening dates and closing dates. The summary includes statements from people who lived in the camps. Japanese American people over the age of 17 were given a loyalty test. The questions are listed. Use this information to get a visual and a history of the camps.

This video begins with background information on World War II before America entered the fight. Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 7, 1941. President Roosevelt gives a speech committing America to war and joins the Allied forces. The video gives insight to the American lifestyle, feelings, and thoughts on the war. The background information is useful because it explains that Roosevelt wanted to enter the war before the bombing of Pearl Harbor and discusses the merge of the German, Italian, and Japanese forces. Use this video as a timeline for the events that led up to and the events right after America entered World War II.

5 Facts About Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona

This article contains helpful statistics and facts about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The information gives details about the people and the environment affected by the bombing. Use this article as an overview of dates and statistics. Read each of the five facts to gain insight into the people, the environment, and the national reaction of Pearl Harbor.

This website offers various pictures of the Americans in World War II. The pictures include our equipment, people, and battles. Use this website as a visual for the war. Use the captions to understand the United States during the conflict with Japan.