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How to Write High Quality Articles with These 5 Time-Saving Tools

Writing an article that is of a high quality requires more than just structuring an outline and entertaining the reader. It is in many ways a creative art based on the use of online marketing tools that help us gather and organize the information to be contained in the article. This gives the article validity and authority.


How to Write High Quality Articles with These 5 Time-Saving Tools

How to Write High Quality Articles Efficiently? Writing a high quality article requires more than just structuring an outline and entertaining the reader.


If an app is to be useful for a writer it needs to be available on mobile devices. Fortunately, Evernote is not only a mobile app but has versions available across the major mobile device platforms. It is a free download with a paid premium option. Add to the app a number of other apps that work in tandem with Evernote and you have a powerful way to collect and organize data on the go, wherever you are.


Using modern technology, collecting data on the go with your mobile device is as natural as writing itself. Being able to access that data using any of a number of devices is obviously critical. For example, it is far easier to write an article on a tablet or laptop than a smartphone. At the same time, in most cases it is far easier to take a photo with your smartphone than it is with a laptop or tablet. It is about using the right tool for the job.

cloudHQ - Sync and Integrate Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Evernote, Basecamp

The key to using Cloud HQ is a simple but critical feature – it allows real time syncing of files that are being shared. When trying to meet a deadline when working with other people or groups, this feature is essential. It is here where the writer will put all their active documents. Google Drive and Dropbox can be used as secure places for archiving collected information and photos. What makes CloudHQ so special to this set of tools is that it is able to backup and archive the data in your Gmail or Dropbox apps to another cloud storage location.


The question, “If I have Dropbox why would I need to use Google Drive?” is a valid one. This tool is not a duplication of resources but a part of the creation of a collaborative suite of writer’s tools. Each tool has a specific function. Google Drive can be seamlessly integrated with a Gmail account to share and transfer documents.




Gmail is one of the most widely known and popular email programs on the Internet. Beyond efficiently communicating with others, it can also be used to collect data from peers such as completed surveys and poll data. Because it is a Google product, it works well with Google Drive and its corresponding apps.