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Data Entry, Data Processing and Data Conversion proffer quality & accurate data entry solutions for various industries by providing unmatched online data entry services.

Conducting Online Market Research, 3 Easy Yet Effective Tips and tools - exploreB2B

How to use online marketing research tools including online web research, competitor research and scraping data information and other tips for using internet to gather information on customers, market and competition. Market is highly dynamic yet unpredictable! A minute when everything is going smoothly, and the very next moment, it takes a 360 degree turn.

How to Calculate Pricing for Outsource Data Entry Services? propose Data Entry Services Pricing structure, understanding factors contributing to it and ways to calculate the cost of outsource data entry s...

Driving Business Growth through Data Insights

Today unstructured data is generated across a multitude of organizations; this unstructured data is growing at a faster pace than the pace at which it is consumed. It is not possible for a human to manually surf through, understand and extract insights from unstructured data and communicate them across various channels.

Make your catalogue stand out!
Catalogue processing services, thus has become an integral part of ecommerce industry. As a part of these services, catalogues are efficiently managed and updated in a regular fashion. An experienced product catalog processing services provider prepares a product list with all the necessary information thus helping the customers to take a right buying decision.
Data Extraction is not a Rocket Science: Follow These 4 Tips to Get Exemplary Results!

Data extraction is a skill, the more you master it – more are the chances of having a lucid picture of the volatile market and getting better perceptive of constantly changing trends. Escalating volatility in the market and intensifying competition has been the most contributing factors that have led to the rise of data extraction and data mining.

Outsourcing Data Entry: May Yield Healthy Returns

Business management consultancy are closely tracking and predicted huge growth in need of right professionals for data entry industry between now and 2015. With technologies finding new way of getting access to information, data online it will become must for business to transform its raw data stored in documents, files, paper document to well format digital format.

Outsource XML Conversion services to India: A Secure Way of Data Conversion - BPO News & Articles | Data Entry, Proce...

India has earned repute for itself in the field of outsourcing. In the past two decades, outsourcing as an industry has grown exponentially and conversion services, that are part of outsourcing, have been sought after by many offshore organizations of late.

Climb the success ladder with Image Processing - BPO News & Articles | Data Entry, Processing & Graphic Design Servic...

If a picture or a visual is analyzed and recreated with the help of high-end equipment/software, it results in a bettered or improved version of the same. A photo in any format can be converted into digitized form and thus stored as a soft copy.

Outsource Data Conversion Services to India - A Wise Choice!

Data conversion is a task known to help any organization grow its revenue and take its business to new heights. The reason needs to be stated here as in an organization there are sizable number of non-core tasks in comparison to the core-tasks.

30 Resume Writing Tips!

Employers usually take between 30 to 60 seconds to review a resume. However, they will review it, only if the resume grabs their attention in the first 10 seconds. Optimize your resume with relevant keywords and so that recruiters can find you.

Want to Attain Success Real Quickly? - Opt for Document Conversion Services..!!

What are the Benefits of Digitizing Documents? Digitizing your documents assists your business in innumerable ways which by all means completely justifies the cost of taking services.

EBook Conversion - Readers More Inclined Towards Kindle than Traditional...

Conversion of a hard bound or paperback into an electronic book or eBook has gained tremendous popularity with growing digitalization followed by introduction...

Outsource Data Entry Projects to Get 5 Data Management Benefits...Free!!!

The news that "M.B.A. Programs have started following Silicon Valley In this Data Age" is making rounds these days. The belief that, MBAs are all decked up with finance and corporate strategies but lack big time when it comes to arts of this digital age such as A/B testing and data-driven decision making which happens to be the bread and butter, may it be personal or professional life of any individual; is taking up deep roots in minds of everyone.

PSD to HTML5 Conversion - A Ticket for your Website to Get on Top…!!!

PSD to HTML conversion proves to be extremely beneficial and helps your organization to generate maximum ROI; as long trails of features tag along, making the website stand out in the crowd!

How data entry errors affect the profitability and brand reputation

Data entry errors can disturb every single data management effort of an organization, adversely affecting its profitability and brand reputation. Explore more with the example of how a single data entry error can harm your brand as well as the profitability.