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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Sep 16, 2014
Headline for A New Tradition: 10 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes
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A New Tradition: 10 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Change is good, and sometimes giving tradition a little nudge towards something new cuts a path for the next generation. This year, you could try an all vegan thanksgiving dinner with these delicious recipes worth sharing with every loved one, near and far.

Vegan Deep Fried Tofurky

If this is your first shot at a vegan thanksgiving and you're worried about missing that turkey taste, Tofurky is a delicious option with some specific recipes. There are vegan margarines out there that are great for this recipe and different spreads.

Walnut Apple Stuffing

Stuffing is the real star during dinner, and this recipe will not disappoint. It's a nice fruity twist on the classic, but make sure you have enough for the epic days of leftovers.

Mushroom Gravy

This mushroom gravy is good on everything from the Tofurky to the mashed potatoes. It's a recipe keeper for any other dinner as well.

Stuffed Peppers

These stuffed peppers could be the best appetizer ever. Sometimes something a little different is the best way to shift tradition for the better.

Sauteed Sesame Green Beans

You can't miss the green side dish and the sesame green beans are where it's at; or you could be one of the few that prefer brussels sprouts, in that case, boil some up.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a fine art and this recipe is Van Gogh worthy. It has the best of both worlds for a vegan, full of flavour and full of protein.

Vegan Pumpkin Pie

It just wouldn't feel like the fall season without a piece of pumpkin pie. This recipe gives you options, even though the only option is to try all three.

Dinner Rolls

Topping it all off will be a delicious dinner roll in amazing vegan fashion, of course. They’re white, fluffy, and perfect when dipped in that mushroom gravy.

Raw Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes (With Video)

If you prefer raw vegan, here is a site that offers an entire thanksgiving dinner in the raw. It includes video demonstrations along with the recipes so you can do everything step-by-step on the dinner day.

Extra Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

This is just a site with extra vegan recipes if you want to explore some options. Everything is here to help you set up an amazing vegan dinner.