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Updated by Liquor Online on Dec 18, 2017
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Top 7 Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Liquor Central presents the top vodka cocktail recipes that your can try at home. Liquor Central is one of the largest online liquor store in UK.


Cosmopolitan cocktail recipe

Let's make one of the best pink cocktail of our generation - Cosmopolitan. It is definitely a modern classic and integral part of every pub and hotels in England. The Cosmopolitan cocktail has gained more popularity by frequent mentioned in a hit television show Sex in the city.

James Bond's Vodka Martini - Cocktail recipe of UK's favorite spy -

Most of you know this dialogue "A Vodka Martini, Shaken, Not Stirred". Sounds familiar? Yes! Today we are gonna prepare a cocktail which is favourite to one of the best Agent in her majesty's secret service (MI3) - The name is Bond, James Bond 007.

Screwdriver Cocktail Recipe -

The Screwdriver, or Vodka and Orange mix, is one of the simplest cocktails you could possibly mix, which may be a factor of its enduring popularity.

Here's Liquor Central's Classic Screwdriver Cocktail Recipe.

Screaming Orgasm Cocktail Recipe -

From name we can infer that when someone orders a Screaming Orgasm they are looking for an Orgasm with their Liquor. This is a very unique cocktail mix with coffee flavor vodka and Irish cream. You're checking out this cocktail from Liquor Central because you love vodka and Kahlua drink, and not because of the name, right?

Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Super refreshing and filled with boozy punch, this rum cocktail is the ultimate summer drink with lime and mint.

It was also allegedly Ernest Hemingway's favorite, and also mine. It is the simple mix of Rum/Vodka, Lime and Mint.

Smirnoff White Russian Cocktail Recipe

The White Russian cocktail is very old fashioned, made with Vodka and Coffee liqueur (e.g. Kahlua, Smirnoff Expresso, tia maria etc.) and served with Ice in a scotch glass.

It's a simple, creamy vodka mixed drink with a nice coffee flavor that makes a great after dinner sipper or party serve.

Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

Bloody Mary is a classic cocktail with spicy tomato juice and vodka, available since 1939 and regarded as one of the best hangover cures. Liquor central has prepared a very traditional version of Bloody mary, basically a vodka cocktail.