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Tips and Tricks Using Essential Oils

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A Salute To WOMANHOOD With A “Woman’s Oil – Organic Geranium Essential Oil (Certified)!

The Organic Geranium Essential Oil is often referred to as a 'woman's oil '. Geranium essential oil induces the hormonal balancing effect and has been traditionally (in a blend with Clary Sage oil) to ease menstrual and menopausal problems. It provides adrenal cortex support when ovarian Estrogen level decreases during and after menopause.

The Hidden Secrets Of Carrot Seed Essential Oil!

Today, I am going to let you unravel a huge secret! Imagine a talented and potential young biologist, who patiently and steadily works on his research with a hope of his study being recognized by some 'Big Shot' in the same field however goes unnoticed time and again.

A Sure Shot Cure For Neuralgia: Organic Cajeput Essential Oil (Certified) From AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL!

Today I am going to tell you about the extremely beneficial Cajeput Essential Oil. It is not only a sure shot remedy for Neuralgic patients but for many other physical disorders that individuals may face in their lives, say bodily infections, loss of focus, body perspiration, diseases like cholera, typhoid, influenza and more.

A Smart Oil For An Alert And Sharp Mind: Organic Spearmint Essential Oil!

Not long ago when I fell sick and while recuperating I had to travel to my hometown for an unavoidable domestic work purposes. I was weak and that long journey drained away the rest of the goodness left in me. I felt at the nausea tic best and the travel sickness traumatized my soul no less.

Stay Young, Look Younger With Organic Aloe Vera Carrier Gel!

What more can I say after the above verdict of my better half? Well, there is a lot more to say and know about Aloe Vera. It not only helps you defy your age, it also assists overcoming acne, dry and inflamed skin conditions.

Let go your stress and anxiety with certified organic Lavender essential oil!

An insight into oil of Lavender! Lavendula augustifolia or Lavender as known commonly is a plant that grows in sunny, well-drained-soil climates such as Southern France or Bulgaria. The bushy shrubs of Lavender produce clusters of small Blue-Purple and highly fragrant flowers.

The 'icon' of Thanksgiving: Extra Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil from AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL!

The certified organic extra Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil is an extremely rich source of nutrients that contribute to health of heart and bones. Today, Pumpkin's most significant effect comes from its seeds and the oil pressed from the seeds. In the USA, Pumpkin seeds were once listed as an official medicine as a cure for parasitical infection.

The Multi- Purpose 'Wax': The 'GOLDEN' Jojoba Carrier Oil!

The unrefined 'Golden' variety of the Jojoba Carrier Oil is one of the most preferred choices of carrier oils across the globe today. A close friend from Israel, once suggested me the uses of this wonderful oil and ever since I look further for my purposes of carrier oil.

The Several Names And Many Benefits Of Organic Essential Oil Of Cedar Wood!

A few weeks back, I was working in my car garage to shove the scrap out of it and all thanks to my carelessness in handling the rusted scrap; I was badly bruised by a pointed tip of one such piece.

Excite Your Taste Buds with Aromaaz International's Pure Avocado Essential Oil

Un gran saludo , my friends! My Mexican greetings come to you for the reason none other than a description of an oil of which, Mexico is the place of origin. If you have guessed correctly, it is the lovely Avocado carrier oil about which I am going to sing an ode for.

Feel the 'Sea Dew' Goodness of Organic Rosemary Essential Oil!

Know your Rosemary! The certified organic Rosemary essential oil is one of the most sought after essential oils given its huge booty of health advantages. It has been widely accepted and regarded for its diverse health benefits which include relieving respiratory problems, boosting mental activity, stimulating hair growth and reducing pains.

Make Way To Your Healthy Lifestyle With Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil (Certified)!

If your medic says your body needs a tonic for any reasons, turn to organic Grapefruit essential oil , widely known as a super tonic for the body. From the juice and pulp to the essential oil, Grapefruit has long been known for its positive impact on the entire body!

The Spice Oil that protected the 'Thieves': The Certified Organic Clove Leaf Essential Oil!

We know that the physical and emotional factors are inter-linked in our body systems. There cannot be one existing without the other. So many times that I was injured, only realized it later that there actually was something hidden behind!

The facts of Organic Bulk Essential Oils' business!

The latest 'Buzzword' - Organic! For most of those who are into essential oils business, "Organic" is not just a catchphrase. It is a "Way of life" for most of us today. It is also a guide showing us how we go about doing business of oils - Organic Essential Oils !

A True 'Reedemer' From Stress and Anxiety: The Pure and Organic Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil!

It was not the day I came to know about Litsea Cubeba, it was not the day I came to know about its aromatherapy uses - when I developed an 'intimacy' for the essential oil of Litsea Cubeba essential oil .

Some DIY tips on Essential Oils that can make you look stylish good and easy!

A big hello to all my avid and lovely readers! In today's world we often tend to miss out on how we look and present ourselves in the society. The hectic and the busy schedules have taken a toll on our lifestyles and that affect us for no good.

Feel Your Skin Smiling This Winter With Certified Organic Neem Carrier Oil!

I remember my folks back home using the Neem Carrier oil for multiple purposes all year long. Especially during winters, my mother would prepare a 'bath solution' to help our tender skin from dryness and other infections. I remember the same oil being used for some cooking purposes as well!

The MAGIC of 'Bulk Buying' and 'Wholesale' In Essential Oils Business!

These days one can find scores of essential oil suppliers vying for the buyers' attention by offering their pure and Natural essential oils at attractive bulk and wholesale pricing. Let us look into the science of bulk and wholesale pricing today.

Let your child overcome 'Fears of Dark' with Organic Juniper Berry Essential Oil!

Today I will wish to present before my dear readers some unknown facts about the certified organic Juniper Berry Essential Oil and that how greatly it affects our lives for our wellness and benefits! The berries and branches of the Juniper or Juniperus communis , a coniferous tree, have been used for medicinal and spiritual purposes since ages.

Feel That 'True Contentment' Of Your Body, Mind And Soul With Frangipani Absolute Oil! | Klinkk

Feel That 'True Contentment' Of Your Body, Mind And Soul With Frangipani Absolute Oil! This article is the thematic representation of a heartfelt experience of one of my friends who is into trading business of Essential and Aromatic oils. His vivid description of the Plumeria rubra

The "Sweet Treats" For Your Dry and Chafed Skin: Organic and Natural Cosmetic Mango Butter!

Mother Nature has bestowed many gifts to us humans and Natural skin-care ingredients are among her most wonderful and best gifts. In the form of natural cosmetic butters, Mango butters or Magnifera indica Butters deliver nourishing and dehydrating benefits to our skin.

Forget That Anxiety and Stress Of Mind: Use Organic Melissa Essential Oil Regularly!

The pure, natural and organically produced Melissa essential oil is one of the extraordinary and expensive oils used in aromatherapy these days. Although, this oil is naturally gifted with a surplus health and therapeutic benefits and qualities, finding that 100% pure, Natural and organic Melissa essential oil becomes a herculean task as there are many duplicate and inexpensive variants of this oil available in the market today.

A Perfect Purifier and Deodorizer for your Home and Body: Organic Pine Needle Essential Oil!

Essential Oils are the volatile liquid 'intelligence' of the herb, tree, spice, flower, citrus, grass or resin from which they are derived. Essential Oils communicate to the plant the information needed for survival. These "single" oils are true single species essential oils - with NO carrier oils and their "blends" are true combinations of 'single' essential oils.

Bring Back The 'Life' In Your Dull Skin And Brittle Hair With Organic Argan Carrier Oil!

Argan carrier oil :1 Organic Argan carrier oil is the new celebrity in the hair and skin care industries today as for its enormous benefits for both hair and skin. Today many cosmetic industries use the Argan carrier oil for preparing skin and hair care products.

An Excellent Emollient for the Dry and Cracked Skin: Organic Sweet Almond Carrier Oil!

Today, I am going to tell you about the Sweet Almond Carrier oil, which perhaps you all know - may be a bit more. As such, we all know this oil is extensively used in both aroma and massage therapies as for its excellent absorption and emollient qualities.