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Updated by Ksenia Dobreva on Dec 18, 2016
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Top 30 Magento experts to keep an eye on


Bob Schwartz (@bobschwartz)

Bob was a President at Magento and is a serial company builder and leader of technology and consumer-facing internet companies. He is a huge influencer and expert when it comes to e-commerce and Magento world.

Keren Adam Aminia (@magentokeren)

Another Magento lady in the room! Keren tweets all thing on Magento events, webinars, meetups and teaching. A definite Magento expert!

Tim Bezhashvyly (@tim_bezhashvyly)

Tim is a Magento back-end and front-end developer specializing on RWD and Magento EcoSystem. He is also a recognized Magento events speaker and expert.

Rico Neitzel (@riconeitzel)

Rico is an active member of Magento community in Germany. He's tweeting partially in German, but that's not a problem in the Google Translate world, right?

Ivan Chepurnyi (@ivanchepurnyi)

Ivan is a former Magento Core Team Member and an extremely experienced developer/Magento expert.

Ben Marks (@benmarks)

Official Magento Evangelist tweeting all the stuff you need to know about Magento ecosystem. A recognized Magento expert!

Roy Rubin (@royrubin05)

Roy was a Co-Founder and a former CEO at Magento (acquired by eBay). Now he's an investor and a powerful character of the business landscape.

Thomas Fleck (@fendi911)

Entrepreneur and lawyer, interested in open source, e-commerce and Magento, an active Magento events speaker and community member.

Ignacio Riesco (@ignacioriesco)

CEO at Interactive4, dedicated to consulting, development and evolution of e-commerce projects for companies. A famous Magento expert and an active community member.

Kimberely Thomas (@magentogirl)

Managing Partner and Co-Founder @interactiv4NYC. She architects Magento eCommerce solutions and Community Events. A definite Magento Girl!

Marius Strajeru (@mariusstrajeru)

Some people say Marius knows everything =) He is a magician at Stack Exchange, runs an expert blog on development and is an author of Ultimate Module creator.

Elena Leonova (@elena_a_leonova)

Lena is a Magento Product Manager. She tweets about Magento events and conferences a lot. Another insider's account to add to your Twitter feed!

Phillip Jackson (@philwinkle)

4x Magento Certified (MCD, MCD+, MCFED, MCSS) developer and a great guy. His hair has a separate Twitter account!

Kuba Zwolinski (@snowdog)

Magento Certified Solution Specialist and CEO at @SnowdogApps, @MeetMagentoPL Organizer.

Carly Rachman (@magentocarly)

Carly is a Technology Partner Manager at Magento, an eBay company. Her stream is not very crowded with tweets, but she often writes about Magento events and shares quality articles on Magento and e-commerce.

Christian Garcia (@cfgar)

Christian is overseeing Magento Solution Partners for South-East USA and Latin America. Another great guy and expert from Magento to catch up with.

Piotr Kaminski (@piotrekkaminski)

Piotr is a Product Manager at Magento, and he tweets stuff on events, valuable articles and chats with the active members of the Magento community a lot.

Erik West (@mrerikwest)

Eric is a Magento developer and expert, and he tweets tech-y stuff. We find that developers are particularly funky on Twitter!

Alan Storm (@alanstorm)

Alan is a widely known developer and expert and is running an extremely helpful blog on PHP tips and tricks, including Magento.

Kalen Jordan (@kalenjordan)

Kalen is an experienced developer/expert and the creator of MageMail.

Ashley Schroder (@aschroder)

Magento Developer. Creator of - Magento speed testing & Magento email.

Tom Robertshaw (@bobbyshaw)

Co-founder at @Meanbee, Certified Magento Developer and producer of the eCommerce Platform Survey. Tom tweets about Magento events and coding stuff.

Sylvain Rayé (@sylvainraye)

Sylvain is a Meet Magento Switzerland 2014 Organizer, Founder & Senior Developer at @diglin_ and an active Magento community speaker, expert and contributor.

Daniel Sloof (@daniel_sloof)

Daniel is an independent developer/expert involved in Magento and tweets stuff on coding.

Nick Jones (@nickj89)

Nick is a Certified Magento Developer, being also a Technical Director at @meanbee.