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Being reputed as the leading international provider of mailing lists, email marketing solutions and data appending services, Blue Mail Media ranks top when B2B professionals look for trusted partners to promote and launch exclusive marketing campaigns, email marketing solutions and direct marketing services.

Right Tactics for B2B Marketing Success - Blue Mail Media

It is quite difficult to achieve success in the B2B market, however by implementing the right tactics you can surly be successful. Read on to know more.

The New Salient ways for B2B Marketing Success - Blue Mail Media

B2B marketers have never had to be so multi-tasked, accountable to business objectives. Marketers need chic research, knowledge and insight to ensure they are not left behind.
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How to increase Sales in your Business?

The ultimate goal of every business is to make profit by selling its products and services. However, you must always remember the basic strategy to enhance sales that is to attract new customers and lure your proven ones to buy your exclusive products/services again.

Basics of High Converting Email Campaigns - Blue Mail Media

In- order to understand the fundamentals of high- converting email marketing campaigns, you must check this article out to optimize emails effectively before sending.

Top 6 Smart Strategies to Revamp Your Email Marketing in 2016

Being the widely chosen internet marketing tool for business, email marketing enables business owners and consumers to stay connected, attract higher response rates and more positive responses quickly and at a low cost.

5 Must-known Multi-Channel Platforms Marketers Should Be Aware Of

The proliferation of multi-channel platforms has made it easier for marketers to reach, stay connected and engage with their customers and prospects from anywhere at any time.

Boost up Your Consumer Confidence in Email Marketing Campaigns

While conducting Email Marketing Campaigns it is quite important to build customer confidence. Hence, project the email in such a way so that it appears clear and useful to your customers as much as possible.

Use AMP, or Risk Falling Behind – Online Marketers Are You Ready?

Today, mobile has become the widely chosen medium through which people consume content. But, for many reading on the mobile web is often a time consuming, inconvenient and frustrating experience.

6 Reasons Why Live Chat Works Wonders for Customer Engagement

Watching potential customers click away from your website is indeed a pleasant sight for any marketer. To prevent such happening and to retain visitors for additional minutes, companies are increasingly heading towards the online chat sales channel as it allows them to directly interact with potential customers, ensuring a higher ROI and better customer satisfaction.

Top 3 Benefits of Multichannel Marketing Every Direct Marketer Must Know

Multichannel marketing promotes the belief that you must be where your customers are, it may be anywhere– be it website, retail stores, mail order catalogs, direct mail, email, or mobile, to help them purchase your product or service via the channel of their choice.

4 Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing a Mailing List

There is a vast amount of information and choices available while ordering a mailing list for a Direct Mail Campaign, so it can be quite confusing for you to decide which list works best for you.

Top Five Unconventional Ways to Trigger Your Email Marketing

As a marketer, you tend to follow what other marketers are running after. But you need to understand the fact that different businesses have different requirements.

Making Sense of Marketing Attribution

Only 54% of business carries out any form of attribution Of whom only 28% use last click

Top 6 Techniques to Expand Your Email Subscriber List

If you are into email marketing, and you don't have a robust and powerful email list strategy, then you are making a great mistake. To make your email marketing campaigns successful, you need to keep working on building your subscriber list.

5 Valuable Tips to Help Keep Customers Loyal to Your Business

Customers are at the heart of any business. Retaining existing customers is as vital as getting new customers because loyal customers are the one who adds value to your brand.

Do’s and Don’ts of a website

A secure site reflects both performance and professionalism. A high-quality website is clutter-free. Excessive presence of contents and call to action will make visitors lose interest.

5 Ways to Increase Brands Awareness for B2B Business in 2016

Brand awareness is the contingency through which consumers are accustomed to the life and availability of the product. Brand Awareness is acknowledged as the amplitude to which consumers specifically plug into the brand with the individual product. Brand awareness includes both brand awareness at the same time brand recollection.

Is Deutsche Bank Too Big To Fail? Or The Bubble Is Going To Burst?

The credit crunch in 2008 left its scars on the global economy which the world is still recovering through. And if experts are to be believed, the ongoing Deutsche Bank crisis may lead us to the next economic mayhem.

5 Content Marketing Techniques That Never Fail to Deliver

Writing a blog purely to increase your sales may not bring the best results in today’s time. In fact, the readers lose interest in your content as soon as they realize you are trying to sell something. What may work instead, is educating your potential market with qualitative and unbiased content.

Think Beyond LinkedIn When It Comes To B2B Social Media Marketing

We may say that B2C companies were the early adopters of social media marketing, but B2B companies too are catching up and are making social media an important ingredient of their marketing mix.

The Amalgamation Of Sales Marketing And The Human Mind

A smashing sales marketing story involves brands delving into the minds of consumers and ticking their emotions, building bonds, and making a lasting impression.

‘Old is Gold’ Does Not Apply To Database

Database is the new marketplace. Anybody who disagrees is probably not aware of the possibilities that data can unlock. Those who know its significance are already making considerable investments into building strong marketing databases to power their sales and marketing cadre. However, investing into database is not a onetime activity.

Email Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon

In recent years, the term ‘Digital Marketing’ has become synonymous to marketing. Going by the Gartner's 2015-2016 Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Spend Survey, 98% of marketers believe that online and offline marketing are merging into one.

Using ‘Mind Maps’ In Marketing

An average brain produces about 12,000 to 50,000 thoughts everyday depending upon how deep thinker you are. And in the hour of need, many of these random yet significant thoughts do not appear to help.

4 Guidelines to Buy a Mailing List

To buy or not to buy, that is the question. And by any chance if you have made your mind to buy, don’t ignore the reasons you were thinking not to buy it.