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Updated by Sarah Juggins on Sep 15, 2014
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Setting up a business in Hampshire

If you are thinking of opening a new business in Hampshire, here are some of the services and support groups who can make it happen.

Office equipment for all your business needs

A broken printer, a malfunctioning photocopier – these are the things that can waste hours of precious time. If your office is working smoothly, then you can get on with the important side of business. Key to a successful office are reliable photocopiers, copiers, printers and the other office equipment that helps your business run smoothly.

Work - Bond Branding

Business cards, logos, banners, stationary – you want to hit the ground running, with your instantly-recognisable branding. At networking events, conferences, one-to-one meetings, a good brand image will stick in the mind.

Showcase Creative

Loose papers, shoddy presentation and rickety old files and folders should be consigned to the waste bin. Whether you are running a presentation, building a portfolio or simply storing documents, high quality folders and presentation cases will give you the professional touch.

Marketing Agency - Communications | Advertising | Web

Getting your message out there is vitally important to new businesses. You want your communications to be crystal clear and always on message. This is so true of all businesses, but when you are new to the area and want to make an immediate impression, then a well-conceived communication strategy is key to success.

Creative Digital Design Agency | The Hive Business

The world has gone digital and creativity abounds in the commercial world. You cannot afford to be left behind in this digital age, but to stay ahead of the game, you may well need to tap into the creativity of a specialist digital design agency.

The IT Department You Deserve

No matter how tech-savvy you are, there will be times when you will need to outsource an element of your IT operations. Whether it is an upgrade, a new system or simply regular maintenance, sometimes it is quicker, cheaper and more efficient to bring in the experts.

The legal side of things

As a business opening in a new area, you may well need the services of a friendly and informed solicitor. As a guide and support through the intricacies of commercial law or as a source of invaluable information about the business world, hiring the services of a trusted solicitor could be the best money ever spent.