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Candy Gifts 2014 - Best Candy Gift Basket and Bag Ideas

2014 best candy gift ideas for Christmas, other holidays, birthdays and all occasions - Whether searching out a gift basket or bag, a DIY basket (with some stellar candies), or if you are looking for a few "sweets for your sweetie," there are some wonderful choices and other tips here...


Candy Gift Ideas

Ideas on gifts for the candy enthusiasts among us - for the Christmas season - or any other holiday or occasion: 1. Custom Candy Gift Baskets and Bags: Looking for "just the right gift" for a candy lover? A customized candy gift basket or bag might be just the thing.

Custom Gift Baskets, Chocolates, Candy, Fruit & Nuts from Mountain Man

Custom gift baskets - candy, chocolate, holiday and more...

Twelve Tastes Candy and Snacks Basket

Mountain Man's largest basket filled with the best we have to offer. Includes: Santa Fe Sizzle™ (Snack mix containing: Jalapeno Pretzels, seasoned peanuts, sesame sticks, corn sticks, almonds, pumpkin seeds), Mountain Man Red Licorice Twists, Malted Milk Balls, Roasted and Salted Pistachios, Sweet Explosion (chili crackers, sesame sticks, seasoned peanuts, toffee & honey roast peanuts, almonds), Toffee Toasted Peanuts, Fazer® Chocolate Creme Mints, Choice Mixed Nuts, Whole Natural Almonds, Cinnamon Bears, Yogurt Covered Pretzels, & Salt Water Taffy.

Bounty Basket - Snacks and Candy Gift Basket - A gift basket with 8 pounds of delicious Mountain Man favorites.

Eight pounds of Mountain Man's Finest! Fancy Mixed Nuts (Premium blend of cashews, almonds, pecans, brazil nuts, & hazel nuts), Chocolate Peanut Caramel Clusters (our delicious blend of homemade creamy caramel, peanuts, & rich milk chocolate), Santa Fe Sizzle™ (Snack mix containing: Jalapeno Pretzels, seasoned peanuts, sesame sticks, corn sticks, almonds, pumpkin seeds), Paddlewheel (Trail mix containing honey roast peanuts & sesame sticks, toffee toasted peanuts), Smoked Almonds (Delicious!), Cranberry Bonanza (Trail mix featuring dried cranberries, cashews, yogurt chips, peanuts, almonds, & dried pineapple), Chocolate Covered Raisins, & Natural Dried Pineapple.

Chocolate Unwrapped Candy Gifts

Chocolate includes unwrapped confections, coconuts, caramels, and unwrapped candies containing chocolate: Chocolate Animal Crackers, Chocolate Cherry Sours, Chocolate Cinnamon Bears, Milk and Dark Chocolate Orange and Raspberry Sticks, Milk and Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans, Chocolate Gummy Bears, Milk & Dark Coconut Moguls, Nonpareils, Coconut Haystacks, Chocolate Haystacks, Walkabouts, Dark Truffle Treasures, Chocolate Caramel Marshmallows, Buckshot, Milk and Dark Chocolate Stars, Chocolate Winners, Chocolate Drizzle Caramel Corn, Chocolate Rocks and Chocolate Seashells.

Gummy Candy Gifts

Gummy candies including -Trolli and Haribo bears, chicken feet, piggies, fried eggs, worms, raspberries, penguins, tigers, lifesavers, flies, teeth, colas, vehicles, frogs, monkeys, raspberries and blackberries, strawberries, 2 layer marshmallow type gummies, Sanded Gummies like Gummy Fruit Salad, Gummy Grapefruit, Gummy Watermelon Slices, and sour sanded gummies like Neon Squiggles, and Sour Pop Bottle Gummies.

Licorice Candy Gifts

Licorice candies such as: Red Licorice Bites and Twists, Black Licorice Bites and Twists, Red and Black Bites, Licorice Snaps, Strawberry Licorice Wheels, Licorice All Sorts, Licorice Pastels, and fruit flavored licorices like Green Apple, Watermelon, Cinnamon, and Tartberry Licorice Bricks, Deep in the Red, Good & Plentys.

Best Candy Gifts 2014 - Christmas, Holiday, Birthday Gift Ideas for Candy Lovers

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Best Candy Gift Ideas 2014 - Top Christmas and Birthday Candy Gifts This Year

Best Candy Gift Ideas 2014 - Top Christmas and Birthday Candy Gifts This Year

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