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TOP 190 B2B Products to Source from India

Find here list of manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of various B2B sourcing products from India


Weighbridge Manufacturers

Find here weighbridge manufacturers, dharamkata suppliers, and dealers. Browse here for truck weighbridge, in motion railway weighbridge, trailer weighbridge and portable weighbidges.

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Browse here sellers of Shrink Wrap Machines, sort the seller of your preference and contact Shrink Wrap Machines suppliers directly. Also get information of shrink machines manufacturers, suppliers, traders and dealers in India.

Imitation Jewelry - Earrings, Necklace, Kundan Set, Bracelet, Finger Rings

Browse here latest added sellers of imitation jewelry, sort them by your preference and contact imitation jewelry wholesale suppliers directly. Also get information of manufacturers of imitation bridal jewelry, imitation ring, imitation necklace, imitation bangles, imitation lockets, etc.


Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

[Commercial kitchen equipment(] are used for preparing, preserving and serving food. These equipment includes deep freezer, racks, drawers, food counters, cooking equipment, vegetable cutting and processing equipment, and food serving equipment.

Home Appliances

Home appliances consist of air conditioners, washing machines, fans, electric kettles, kitchen stoves, kitchen appliances, household cleaning appliances, etc. These appliances needs to be checked on various as parameters before making them available to general consumers. For this, there are expert manufacturers that manufacture home appliances to ensure the proper functioning, durability and quality. They also offer home appliances at best price when ordered in bulk.

Manhole Covers

Every city anywhere in the world has many sewer manholes and to cover their openings for the purpose of preventing anyone or anything from falling inside; manhole covers are used. These removable covers are made from different material, most of which are concrete, cast iron or combination of both. These are heavy and strong enough to withstand the impact of traffic. The lighter weight options are also available, which are made from glass-reinforced plastic or other composite material; which also provide the advantages of slip resistance and electrical insulation.

Investment Casting

Investment Casting Parts is manufactured with the use of mild & stainless steel and innovative techniques. For casting metal components in different sizes, patterns and designs, the metal parts are used in industries for their toughness, malleability and high tensile strength and are further known to be used in manufacturing machine and automobile components with high dimensional uniformity by pouring molten metal. into the molds.

Sheet Metal Parts & Components

Visit here to find some of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of sheet metal components & parts used in various different industries such as Automobile, Electrical & Electronics, etc.

International Sea Cargo

Browse directory of international sea cargo/ sea freight forwarding service providers from India and around the world for competitive shipping agents and companies.

International Air Cargo

Browse directory of international air cargo/ air freight forwarding service providers from India and other countries.

Investment Castings

Online business directory of investment castings manufacturers, investment castings suppliers and exporters. Browse here for investment castings, precision investment castings, automotive investment casting, aerospace investment casting, stainless steel investment castings and other casting products.

Precision Sheet Metal

Online business directory of precision sheet metal manufacturers, precision sheet metal suppliers and exporters.

Electronic Testing Equipment

Online business directory of electronic testing equipment manufacturers, electronic testing equipment suppliers and exporters. Browse here for electronic tester, dual trace oscilloscope, oscilloscope, function generator with counter, high voltage dc regulated power and more.

Stuffed Toys

Online business directory of stuffed toys manufacturers, stuffed toys suppliers and exporters. Browse here for stuffed toys like stuffed toy animals, plush stuffed toys, giant stuffed toys, baby stuffed toys, etc

Sports Nets

Online business directory of sports nets manufacturers, sports nets suppliers and exporters. Browse here for cricket net, goal nets, tennis nets, badminton cotton nets, volleyball goal nets and more.

Knitting Needles

Online business directory of knitting needles manufacturers, knitting needles suppliers and exporters. Browse here for lightweight, double pointed or single pointed interchangeable, circular and cable knitting needles.

Fire Bricks

Online business directory of fire bricks manufacturers and fire bricks suppliers. Browse here for ceramic acid proof brick, boiler bricks, insulation fire bricks, clay bricks and more.

Electrical Safety Products

Online business directory of electrical safety products suppliers, electrical safety products manufacturers and exporters. Browse here for inverters & UPS equipment, power supplies, control panel boards, industrial automation, security equipment, electrical enclosures and LED products.

Plant Extracts

Online business directory of plant extracts manufacturers, plant extracts suppliers and exporters. Browse here for Ashwagandha extract, tea leaves, Damiana extract, green onion flakes, rosemary extract, oat beta glucan powder, oat beta glucan and more.