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Updated by Fusion 360 on Sep 10, 2014
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8 Best Running Apps

Those who love running have probably had the difficulty of choosing a route they love while staying away from potential problems. Runners need to be aware of heavily trafficked areas — not only because they may be hit by a distracted driver, but also because of pollution and exhaust. People who run have found it helpful to have a running app along with all their other gear; it keeps them on the best routes, tracks their time and calories burned and it can even improve one’s gait and exercise techniques.

Mettis iTrainer

This app is one of the best items to add to the list of your ultimate running gear. It has a foot insert, which records your balance on the corresponding app. Any runner knows that the way your feet hit the pavement has a huge influence on the way you feel when running.


According to some polls, this is the most popular running app for Smartphones. This app records a runner’s pace, calories burned and distance of a run. You can measure your progress over a period of time and improve your personal exercise program. Plus, it lets you take pictures as you go — talk about motivation to get to the top of that hill.


As one item to add to your current running gear, this app has some seriously accurate GPS. You can use this for cycling, hiking or running. While it does have a clean and modern interface, the only downside is that it lacks Facebook/Twitter integration. But then again, maybe you don’t want all your friends knowing that you got winded at mile .7 and turned around.

Nike+ Running

You can use this app on a trail, road or just on the gym treadmill. It has a route map and records the details of your run. As a bonus, you can have a “Power Song” to give you an extra boost before you hit your second wind.


If the only running gear you own is old pair of tennis shoes from high school, this app might be just for you. In a mere nine weeks of thirty-minute workouts for three times a week, you’ll be ready for a 5K.

iSmoothRun Pro

One cool feature of this app is that it lets you interval train as well as “ghost run” against your other times for the same runs.


Another great app for those who like to have the facts about their workout. As a bonus, it has nutritional information.

Charity Miles

This is just about the most noble app for runners out there. Each mile you run or walk earns 25 cents for your chosen charity. Biking earns 10 cents.




Sara Bezdjian writes for Mettis iTrainer. She is a writer at Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. You can find her on Google+.

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