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Acoustic Panels

List of acoustic panels, find acoustic panels, acoustic wall panels, art panels

Looking for sound absorption or sound proofing panels to improve sound quality, then you can use Sontext acoustic panels. Along with supplying acoustic panels we also provide acoustic panel’s maintenance and installation services in Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, UK & Ireland.

Decorative & Perforated Timber Acoustic Panels

Decorate your roof & wall with acoustic timer wood panels. Sontext is expert to manufacturing Decorative & Perforated Timber Acoustic Panels. get more information , browse website.

Custom wood Panels for ceiling

Install custom wood panels for ceiling to design your roof top. You can explore large range of Wood Ceiling Panels at Sontext website. Sontext is well known for it product in Australia.

Acoustic Baffles for Commercial Uses

Acoustic Baffles are construction device which reduces sound strength and level. These can be used at home, meditation rooms and other commercial areas like pub & disc. To get more information about sound Baffles, please visit website now!

Decorative Wall Panels in Australia

Internal Architecture have their own significance. Install wall panels to make stylish wall. Sontext is offering you decorative wall panels in Australia at best price. Buy Now!

Looking for the modern way for interior design, install stylish wall panels on walls to enhancing both traditional and contemporary decor. Sontext offers you the new range of wall panels in Australia. Visit Now!

Sontext is a premium Australia-based acoustic panel manufacturer and supplier that provides an array of sound absorbing panels in stylish architectural finishes to its clients worldwide. Read Blog…

These sound absorbing panels play a very important role in transforming the ambience of those rooms that have poor acoustics. These panels reduce the reverberation and enhance the comfort and aesthetic appeal of the room. Proper acoustical treatment to the rooms is fundamental for the smooth working environment.

Timber wood panels are light in weight and conduct sound better. An opaque wooden structure reflects sound that can be easily made into surfaces channeling sound reflections. This property is seen to be utilized in concert halls and conference rooms. Read Blog...

The sound quality of a room is an important determinant that makes a significant impact on the ambiance and home or office interiors. Here is a checklist of some important steps that you need to undertake if you want to improve the acoustics of your noisy meeting room.