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Goulash Humor, Pranks and Bloopers

Funny Songs, videos, humorous pranks and bloopers submitted for your approval.

How to Cut Your Own Bangs - RocknRoll Goulash

All you need is scissors, a bottle of wine, and a broken heart. If you're tempted to cut your own hair, be sure to follow our experts' tips. experts' tips Hey, even Helen Mirren does it, but if you do, be sure your hair is dry and that you're sober!

Tom Mabe -Bag of Ice Prank - RocknRoll Goulash

I love to drink cold beverages, including everything from iced tea to beer. That's why one of my friends gave me my first ice ball maker mold. The first one I received makes 2-1/2" spheres that didn't fit in every type of glass I use. This one is smaller and perfect for everything!

Small Penis Prank - RocknRoll Goulash

Small Penis Prank. Tom Mabe, based in Louisville, Kentucky, achieved notability with his prank responses to telemarketing calls. He kept recording equipment near his telephone, and upon receiving an unsolicited call would engage the telemarketer in an unexpected and often uncomfortable conversation while recording the incident.

Make Him a Sandwich -Overly Attached Girlfriend - RocknRoll Goulash

Is he threatening to leave you for some weird reason? Are you just wanting to make sure he stays around forever? Follow these simple steps to make the perfect sandwich - one of the best ways to a mans heart. Make Him a Sandwich -Overly Attached Girlfriend The Kitchco Sandwich Maker does more than lunch.

Exit Vine - "I Won't Give Up" - RocknRoll Goulash

A shift is coming in the world of Red Bull Music. Check out the third episode of our new interactive scripted series that puts you in charge of a struggling bands fate. You vote in the comments, and we write the next episode based on what the people want!

Tom Mabe -How to deal with a Telemarketer - RocknRoll Goulash

Tom Mabe -How to deal with a Telemarketer -God bless you.. and I'm not even religious... LMAFO! I once told a telemarketer that I was in the witness protection program and I was so horrified that they got my number that they got their supervisor on the line to the point where I cried because it was so f**** funny...

Funny Newscast Bloopers -July 2014 - RocknRoll Goulash

Funny Newscast Bloopers -July 2014. This short video (6 minutes) contains a mishmash of newscast bloopers and commentaries from around the world.

Girls Don't Poop -Poo~Pourri - RocknRoll Goulash

Girls Don't Poop -Poo~Pourri My #$%! Stinks... Not anymore! This review is from: Poo-Pourri 3-piece Bathroom Let me start by saying that this product has literally saved my relationship with my family and friends. I know this may be hard to believe so I will tell you a little story.

The Tubes -Proud to be and American - RocknRoll Goulash

NOW and YOUNG AND RICH are the two rarest CD releases in The Tubes' catalog. I have mixed feelings about both of them musically, but am happy to purchase this 2-CD set if it means The Tubes might score a penny or two in royalty payments.

Jerky Boys -Punitive Damages - RocknRoll Goulash

Jerky Boys -Punitive Damages. I am an extremely obnoxious adult and so this is right up my alley. It is so annoying and so funny that I have many of their routines committed to memory! - aimee By "My Eyes Are Going Crazy"Jerky Boys -Punitive Damages Johnny Heering The Jerky Boys -Format: Audio CD This was the album that started the "crank call" album genre.

Jim Carrey vs. Andy Kaufman - Mighty Mouse - RocknRoll Goulash

Lost in the Funhouse is one of the most interesting biographies that I have ever read. The subtitle could not be more correct. Sure, the writing style is unorthodox, but since when was anything related to Andy Kaufman orthodox?

Best News Bloopers September 2014 - RocknRoll Goulash

Best News Bloopers September 2014. You can't say that on television! TV news people say the darnedest things, but if you've ever read off a teleprompter, you know it's not as easy as it looks.

The Rodeo Song By Showdown - RocknRoll-Goulash

The Rodeo Song By Showdown -This song pisses me off and I love it. A cult song that is so well known, but it's origins is so ambiguous! David Allen Coe? Chris Ledeux? Definitely not David Allen Coe, nor Chris Ledeux. The band is Gary Lee and 'Showdown', recorded in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at Damon Sound.

Spike Jones and City Slickers - Cocktails For Two -
" Cocktails For Two " has got to be the funniest recording of all time. I laughed at it forty years ago and laugh at it now. It's a pity that Al Yankovic has such limited material to try to parody, they just don't write those kind of songs anymore.
Spike Jones and City Slickers - Der Fuehrer's Face -
O.K. -Two of my faves are missing from this one... LAURA, and Spike Jones version of Carmen.... also interestingly, the versions are different than the ones on some other CDs currently available... but who's to complain... ? Spike Jones is Spike Jones and he was brilliant...
1967 Burgermeister Beer TV Commercial -
According to the ABA Archives (soon to be transferred to the National Beer Museum Library in Potosi in 2010), the Burgemeister of the former Warsaw Brewing Company in Illinois and Burgermeister in California were two different beers and had no connection with each other.
Beer makes Women look Beautiful -
By Charles Q. Choi, Live Science Contributor For the first time, scientists have proven that "beer goggles" are real - other people really do look more attractive to us if we have been drinking.
Funny Beer Commercial -
You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline - it helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.