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Here is a list of videos that discuss what 21st century learning is ranked in the order from most interesting/informative to least interesting/informative based on my personal opinion.

A Vision of K-12 Students Today

This was an inspirational video to motivate teachers to engage students with digital media in order to develop higher order thinking skills. The need to be taught how to think, create, analyze, and apply. They need to be given the opportunity to collaborate with one another and to learn by doing.

21st Century Skills: What Do We Do?

How do we prepare students for today's workforce? This video suggests that these students must be masters of strategic reading, problem-solving, research, collaboration, and Technology. They must master written and oral communication skills. WE do this by building a strong foundation, direct their exploration, and create opportunities for application.

A Vision of Students Today

This video summarizes what it is like to be a student today. It shows that the way we are teaching is not beneficial to them. We must leave the past and take advantage of the digital world in the classroom.

Teaching the 21st Century Learner

Students today are digital natives. Students have changed but teaching has remained the same. In order to reach these 21st century learners, educators must meet them half way by incorporating tools that engage them. Educators must embrace the change in the learner.

Engage Me!

This video shows that students want to be engaged. They live in a digital world and teachers should take advantage of these tools as an effective teaching tool. Students naturally want to create and apply their knowledge through engaging activities.

Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner | MacArthur Foundation

This video states that educators need to leave the ways of the past and use the way children play and socialize to teach them. They live in a digital world and the digital media is changing the way of education. The video compared learning to "gamers" because gamers are constant problem solvers who are only entertained and having fun if they are learners.

Pay Attention - Final Final Cut - TeacherTube

This video is trying to motivate teachers to use technology to engage students. Technology can provide "richness" that the teacher can not.

21st Century Learning Matters

This video discussed the way we must adapt our "thinking" of education due to the digital world we are living in. Technology and rigor needs to be incorporated by teachers to deliver relevant instruction. We are all learners in the 21st century.

21st Century Literacy

Literacy is defined as the ability to read, write, and speak. Teachers need to explore creative ways to communicate by encouraging students to communicate globally. Americans are seeking for action to be taken in order for our students to be successful in the 21st century.