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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Sep 08, 2014
Headline for Fashionable Rule Breakers: 10 Alt-Fashion Sites for Your Rebel Future
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Fashionable Rule Breakers: 10 Alt-Fashion Sites for Your Rebel Future

Whether it's thrift hunting, DIY, or an obscure subculture, alternative fashion is making a name for itself online and on the streets. Here are 10 sites for those who see fashion as a crumbling catwalk, ready for unique input and expression.

Sea Of Ghosts

Sea of Ghosts promises haunting tales through the threads of dark and mysterious clothing. There's something about clothing on the darker end of the spectrum that draws people in, and while the light is appealing, sometimes in the darkness we find power.

Relove Planet

Relove Planet is a space where all species are welcome. Bianca uses characters and clothing to break down the ideological barrier that separates us from our animal kin, and she does it with love and whimsy.

Tess Munster

Body positivity and beauty is what Tess Munster writes about, and she does it well. Beauty standards are constructs that should be taken to task, and we can do that in the realm of make up and fashion (in other words, self expression).

Effies Makeup Box

With her bright red hair and refusal to stay within the confines of "fashion", Effie's blog is the place to go for inspiration. She offers a DIY section for those who want to take the individuality a step further.

Rags of Love

Rags of Love is the place to go for quirk and colour. Blogger Belphoebe clicks as cool as her name, and her writing is as wonderfully eccentric as her style.

Style Bizarre

Elisa writes on a wide rage on topics within the alt-style world, never letting a reader down with all her insightful posts. Everything from Veganism to tattoos is written about, questioned about, and most important, thought about.

Rebel Circus

Rebel Circus is far more shop than blog, but after you're done your alt reading and alt surfing, here is the place to be if you want to refresh your closet.

A Curious Fancy

A Curious Fancy rips apart any silly idea of fashion constraints as this blogger holds no fear of DIY, new fashion experiences, and wearing clothing she simply loves. Feeling comfortable in your body doesn't have to mean following the rules.


I've written about Threadbanger before, and I must do it over and over again, because here is where you start your own fashion revolution by your own hands. It's the DIY recreation we need.


This is DIY accessory central where you can peep other people's creations and make your own. Sometimes the perfect handmade dress calls out for the perfect handmade accessory.