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Updated by Gareth Hill on Sep 09, 2014
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6 Ways to Beat the Crowds at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World resort in Orlando can get crowded and the lines can get long. We offer some simple ideas to help minimise your waiting and start enjoying the rides.



Arrive Early.

Arrive Early.

One of the best ways to get ahead of the crowds when you go to Disney is to get to the parks as early as you can. When you know the dates you're travelling then take the time to find out the opening times for each park and endeavour to arrive in time for the gates to open up - we'd suggest getting there 20-30 minutes before opening time. Yes, we know this means an early start and that you're on holiday, but believe us, it's generally a great time to be in the park and you get ahead of the masses who slept in!


Research the 'Extra Magic Hour' schedule for each park

Research the 'Extra Magic Hour' schedule for each park

The parks in Walt Disney World operate what's known as an 'Extra Magic Hour (EMH)' on certain days at each of the main parks. These extra hours are basically bonus incentives for those guests staying in one of the onsite hotels or resorts.

The Extra Magic Hour will be either an opening time for onsite guests one hour earlier than the rest of the 'offsite' visitors or maybe an additional hour at the end of the day.

Whether onsite or not, it's worth noting which day each park is offering an EMH. For those staying onsite then, naturally, these are the days to set your alarm early and get an additional hour ahead of the masses. For those staying offsite it might pay to look at visiting a park the day AFTER an EMH day because many of the onsite guests will have been there the day before.


Pre-book Your Tickets

Pre-book Your Tickets

We would ALWAYS recommend getting your tickets sorted out BEFORE you visit Walt Disney World.

Purchasing tickets at the entrance can be a time consuming business as you wait in line while the hundreds of fellows guests saunter past and into the park. Having your tickets purchased and with you before you arrive means that you can head straight into the park without spending the first part of your day waiting at the entrance. It also will likely give you access to other time saving features that you can get in advance from the new My Magic + facility.

Generally, and especially for UK based holiday-makers, buying your tickets beforehand also provides more value and saves you some money as well as you can buy multiple access and unlimited entrance passes that invariably will work out cheaper (and certainly more versatile) than 'on the day' single entry purchases.

Plan your days

It might go against the grain for many people who just want to forget about things and 'go with the flow' on holiday but, to get the most from your Disney visit and to spend your time enjoying yourself rather than worrying about queues and crowds then take the time before you go to plan an itinerary.

There are a number of planning books and guides online or on Amazon that can offer some help in planning your days that can be invaluable when it comes to trying to avoid over queuing.

Or book your holiday with an expert consultant who has the knowledge and expertise to help put a plan together that suits your party and ensures the best opportunities for maximum enjoyment.

My Magic +

My Magic + is a new feature for Walt Disney World guests which allows those with pre-booked tickets to organise their visits.

This feature allows you to pre-book Fastpass + tickets for your favourite rides as well as reservations for shows and dining. As you can pre-book up to 30 days before arriving this means you can save time when there and, with FP+ tickets you get a better chance of time slots to suit you. Always worth researching best ways to use the tickets or speak to someone such as Florida Travel Service when booking tickets who can help.